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Four years ago, I was doing random stuff that seems to be “cutting edge” right now…quite interesting. 🙂


This is a great exercise if you (or a client) have difficulty with proper lunge execution!  Why?  Well, the band provides assistance as you come up from the lunge.  Also, the extended-arm position places more emphasis on the anterior core.  You will most definitely feel this!  Think about it – a major function of the core is to resist lumbar extension.  The band is applying a pulling force opposite of the lunging motion.  When you return to standing position after each lunge, this force is going to try and take you along with it.  Your body must remain strong and stable in order to resist “giving in” to the band.

Here I am using a 1/2-inch Superband.

Once you have mastered the movement using two arms, try just one!  Extend one arm, keeping it in line with the band, and lunge with the ipsilateral (same side) leg.  Now you’re challenging…

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