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Baton Rouge Personal Trainer on a Mission!


I’m on a mission!

My name is Sarah Rippel and I am a Baton Rouge personal trainer.

(you already knew that though, right?) 🙂

Are you ready to get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions?

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-It’s That Time Again!-

2012 is almost here!

I will be continuing to offer “boot camp” workouts but will be limiting registration to 10 per group. Workouts are held at BR Fit on Tues and Thurs at 6pm. The next four-week session begins Tues, Jan 3 and it’s just $175. That’s eight workouts with me for a fraction of what you’d pay for one-on-one training! SPACES ARE LIMITED and priority is given to current participants – RSVP now by contacting me at! (5:30am group is a possibility but there must be enough interest for this group to meet.)

Seeking only highly-motivated and positive ladies for group training!

Personal training is also available for men and women – I am accepting a few more clients based on scheduling & if I feel our working relationship will be productive! I don’t have time to train people who don’t want it bad enough! 🙂 Inquire for rates and availability.

If you are wanting to get in shape AND do it the smart way, Rippel Effect Fitness is for you! Over 16 years experience. Scientifically-based exercise programming. Periodized and progressive. Not just a bunch of exercises thrown together. Not “killing” people and calling it a workout. Not the latest fad. Not CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, or any other program that does not support proper exercise prescription! I do not endorse those types of programs, as they go against most everything that I have learned over the course of my career. I do support sound, proven, and intelligent fitness!
I am personally invested in my the success of my clients. This is why I wish to work with those who understand that improved health is not a short-term program. If you are ready to improve your life by moving, looking, and feeling better, please shoot me an email!

Yours in Health,

-Last Night’s PM Boot Camp “Fun!”-

I cannot even begin to adequately put into words just how much energy this latest session of boot camp has had…especially the PM group! Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my clients…but the energy of the PM group is truly infectious! We have established a nice little “family” unit of roughly 15 upbeat, positive, supportive women in this group. Everyone is motivated and I love the fact that they are so encouraging of one another!

I will be posting soon about everyone’s goals and who managed to smash thru theirs! We have had some awesome progress this month!

Last night’s workout was seriously tougher than it appeared on paper. I wanted to emphasize upper body and do some “typical” dumbbell exercises. I threw in a new move with the sliders, as well as added some glute work to the mix. End result? Perfection! Even better was the fact that Sara (photographer rockstar) showed up with camera in hand and shot some more awesome pics and vids! When she came thru the door, I told her to head on back and deal with the moans and groans from the group! They just LOVE having their pics taken! 🙂 I want to thank y’all for being such good sports about the occasional Rippel Effect photo shoot!

I know some people may look at this workout and think, “wow, what a list of ‘sissy’ exercises!” To y’all, I say this: TRY IT. Every now and then, it’s good to break from the “traditional boot camp” way of doing things (ie: lots of burpees, pushups, running, and even the popular circuit-based workouts using kettlebells, TRX, etc). I don’t typically have my groups do a lot of “isolation” work, but every now and then, we gotta fry the triceps! Bottom line, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do things…in my book, there is only MY way, and that means adapting numerous training principles and styles to suit the needs of my clients.

Upper Body Bonanza…with a Whole Lotta “Bonus” Schtuff!

Warm-Up: Walk/Jog 5 min, followed by “Chopper” sequence (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal chops for 30s ea; 2 rounds)

Hip/Glute Work: Miniband Lateral Walks, Miniband Bridges, and Miniband Clamshells…oh my!; 2 rounds

Upper Body Circuit: 45s work/15s rest (we didn’t rest the entire 15s between most of the exercises!); 2 rounds

  1. Negative Push-Ups
  2. Single-Leg Biceps Curls (either alternating-arms or hold both dumbbells in one hand; 45s per leg)
  3. Bent-Over Flyes
  4. Lateral Raises
  5. 1-Arm Overhead Press with Rotation (hold both dumbbells in one hand if possible; 45s per side)

Slider Core Combo: Cinderellas (either 1-Arm, switching sides at halfway or 2-Arm for advanced) and Windshield Wipers; 45s ea, 2 rounds (see vids below)


Very Advanced Cinderellas!:

Tame those Triceps Superset: Staggered Kickbacks and Static Bridge Elbow Extensions; 45s ea, 2 rounds

Tons of stretching!

I tell ya, there is NOTHIN’ better than knowing you have put a group through an awesome workout! It’s easy to wear people out…that’s not my goal. My goal is to provide the best possible workout experience! That means: effective programming, progressions progressions progressions, and positive energy! There were lots of red, sweaty faces last night! Oh, and even better…we had a “newbie” join us last night! She worked hard and probably hates me today! 🙂

I’m obviously a bit partial, considering this is my business and these are my clients…so of course, i’m gonna talk things up as much as possible…but don’t take my word for it:

Hi Sarah! Great workout tonight. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure my butt, abs and shoulders will remind me all about it tomorrow morning.

I also wanted to thank you for being so great at your job! I have gained so much confidence in the past three months from your positive attitude and encouragement. Not to mention all the wonderful other ladies and their encouragement. It really means a lot to me, and helps boost the confidence even more, when there is such a great group bond and we all support each other. And, awesome, I plan to be 8 lbs lighter than Christmas by the end of Jan. Just 1.5 lbs to go! I tend to be a quiet, shy person and before starting the workouts I was so self conscious, bc i felt like i had no curves and was so much bigger than my friends. I also have asthma, mostly induced by allergens, but it was getting worse when I tried to run or do hard core workouts (boo at Gillian, those hurt and not the good way!). Now, I feel like I am getting curves and slimming down to a more healthy body weight. And, bonus, I can breathe soooo much better and my asthma attacks have happened much less frequently. Yay! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think I could have gotten this far without you, the workouts & the other ladies. So thank you so much! Looking forward to atleast three more months of this feeling awesome and being awesome!

See ya tomorrow,


My job is the best. Love y’all! Thanks for rockin’ out this session!


2/1/2011 UPDATE: Here are some great pics from this workout (thanks to Sara Kelley Photography)!

-Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!-

My current training week!

As I sit here typing this post, it’s raining outside. It’s been dreary and drizzly all day…you know, one of those days where you can never tell when it’s going to rain.

On tap for me today was a 1-hour run. I worked out with my AM boot camp group (which ended up being a killer workout, by the way, despite how simple it appeared), but that was a “bonus.” I’m training for a half marathon as well as starting my plan for the 2011 triathlon season, so I obviously cannot neglect my swim/bike/run workouts!

With the weather being iffy, I was pretty much certain that the dreadmill was in store for me today. Ugh. The thought of running on that thing makes my stomach turn. As I was wrapping up my post-lunch emails, I thought to myself, “I’d better just get out there and do it before it rains again!”

And that’s what I did.

I went out and had an awesome little 7-mile run. Time of 1:01:15. Even better was the fact that it started drizzling just when I got finished! How’s that for good karma?

Excuses, schmuses!

I could have used excuse #693, (aka the “rain” excuse), and had a boring run on the dreadmill or even worse, completely thrown in the towel and not gone for a run at all.

I’m proud to not be part of the 80% of the population that makes excuses right and left. That’s not the way I choose to roll. I’ll leave the excuse-making to those who wish to sit around being miserable and not taking responsibility for their lives.

This man was definitely not an excuse-maker!

As the late Jack LaLanne said:

“Too many people make excuses like I am too old, or I don’t have the time, or it costs money. Then when they get sick they go to the doctor and want a shot in the backside to make them healthy.”

I would like to take a second and brag about one of my boot campers! Check out the post I wrote earlier this month about my latest boot camp session and everyone’s goals by clicking here.

This specific rockstar set her short-term goals as: Drop a pants size; Improve energy & feel better; Pay attention to what I eat. She set her long-term goals as: Lose 40 lbs; Wear cute sundresses on honeymoon! I am happy to say that just this afternoon, she emailed me to update me on her progress. She has lost the 10 pounds that she gained in between her wedding and the holidays (having taken a break from boot camp during this time). She is using her Lose It app every day no matter what, started ballet and tap on Sunday afternoons, and feels better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, she included all of those exclamation points! What awesome progress in not even a month! SO PROUD of her! I could sit here and brag about many other clients, but that would take all day! Look for updates regarding everyone’s progress in an upcoming blog post!

So…are you just gonna sit there and make an excuse, or are you gonna take action?

-Next Boot Camp Session Starts Jan. 31!-

Ain't that the truth?!

It’s almost February…do you know where your GOALS are?

REGISTER NOW for the next session of boot camp!

5:30am and 6:00pm groups!
4 weeks
3, 4, or 5 days a week! ($229, $249, $299) OR $20 per workout

Ask about the 3- and 6-month paid-in-full specials! You will save 10-25% off the regular price of boot camp!

Refer a friend and save $!

I know I’m not the cheapest boot camp in town…and i’m proud of it! You get what you pay for! 🙂

Click here to access the Boot Camp page!

If you have trained with me in the past, I encourage you to join us again…things have just gotten better and better!

What do we do?
We lift, squat, jump, run, skip, crawl, punch, shuffle, swing, press, pull, curl, plank, sweat, laugh,

burn a ton of calories, and lots more!

ALL fitness levels will be thoroughly challenged, and there are progressions and modifications for almost every exercise we do. You WILL NOT get bored! You have my guarantee!

To register, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Yours in Health,
Sarah E. Rippel
(225) 326-2317

-Boot Camp!-

Monday, October 5 = Day 1 for 5:30am group! The rain snuck up on us, but we made do!

Monday, October 5 = Day 1 for 5:30am group! The rain snuck up on us, but we made do!

We are about to start WEEK 3 of this four-week session of boot camp and let me tell ya, I am SO proud of how hard these ladies have worked! Not only have they been working their butts off, they have done so without complaining and with big smiles on their faces!

I am so excited to be a part of this! This is only the beginning! After this four-week session, there are NINE more boot camp sessions scheduled throughout the next year!


Stretching post-rain!

If you are bored with going to the gym, and/or you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to making progress, you’ve gotta check us out!

My goals aren’t to make you puke, beat you down, yell at you, and make you so sore you can barely walk the next day.

My goals are to challenge, motivate, and encourage you in a group setting that is positive, upbeat, and full of energy!

Working hard with legs burnin'!

Working hard with legs burnin'!

After two weeks, women are already seeing progress! Most have noticed positive effects almost immediately, such as increased energy, better sleep, improved metabolism, and overall improved well-being.

Almost all of the ladies in this session completed a mile run test. We will perform this test again on the final day of the session, and I guarantee that ALL of ’em will see a big difference!

Layin' down the law!

Layin' down the law!

I also want to add that SEVENTEEN women showed up at 5:30AM Friday of the first week to perform their one-mile and push-ups tests! Keep in mind the fact that they could “play hooky” if they wanted to…but no, the fact that most everyone showed up for the early morning group on this day reflects several things. First off, it reflects the fact that these ladies are here to get results. They aren’t wanting to fool around and waste time. They are determined, strong, and excited! It also reflects the fact that I’m doing my job. I mean, if I wasn’t doing a great job, these ladies wouldn’t be as motivated, upbeat, and ready to get things done! It’s up to me to keep them on their toes and challenged, but it’s up to them to put forth the effort and be consistent. I am extremely proud of each and every one of ’em! 🙂

Right now, there are two groups: 5:30AM and 6:00PM. You have the option of doing three, four, or five workouts per week.

Let me tell ya, it’s really great to see everyone show up for the 5:30 AM workouts happy, ready to work hard, and full of more “pep” than expected!

So…what exactly do we do?

Well, here is the workout from Friday, October 16, 2009:

  1. Warm-Up: easy walking/jogging, jumping jacks, and ramp runs
  2. Indian Run: 4 minutes
  3. Lateral Shuffle & Touch/Wall-Sits – 45 sec ea; 3 rounds
  4. Indian Run: 4 minutes
  5. DB Side Squats & Walking Lunges – 45 sec ea; 3 rounds (Side Squats R, Walking Overhead Lunges, Side Squats L, Walking Lunges + Rotation)
  6. DB Extend & Crunch/Side Plank + DB Raise – 3 rounds

Here are the ladies who attended Friday’s PM workout (kudos to you guys for working on on a Friday evening while most people are thinking “happy hour”!):

-Coming Soon…Rippel Effect!-


More info coming soon!

And on the subject of working out for a lifetime, check out this article

“Ask Larry Haubner for the secret to living 107 years, and the Fredericksburg man flexes his biceps, flashes a mostly toothless smile and growls. “Nutrition!” he bellows. “Exercise! I think we should all exercise more than we do.”

There are NO excuses, people!