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Baton Rouge Personal Trainer on a Mission!


I’m on a mission!

My name is Sarah Rippel and I am a Baton Rouge personal trainer.

(you already knew that though, right?) 🙂

Are you ready to get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions?

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-The Latest Session of Baton Rouge’s Best Boot Camp is Rockin’!-

We are in the middle of the second week of the current four-week boot camp session!

Goals have been set, the “beginning of the month” fit tests have been completed, and everyone is having a great time!

Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness is hands-down Baton Rouge’s BEST and MOST FUN fitness experience for women!

This month is gonna smoke all the others! The heat has come down a bit, and we are turnin’ it up! We are burnin’ fat and takin’ names here in Baton Rouge!

We were joined this morning by Amanda from lululemon athletica Baton Rouge. She gutted it out with the rest of the ladies as I put them through their paces! We did three rounds of the workout shown here, and (in typical Sarah fashion), I had over-planned…so we will be saving the stuff at the bottom of the whiteboard for tomorrow! Another lululemon chickadee, Beth, will be joining us soon as well!

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, take a second to check out the Facebook fan page of our local shop! Great-looking, functional, high-quality workout apparel for both men and women.

Check out the updated “Record Board” page by clicking here! You will see the current stats from both groups. I will most likely be combining them all into one big list, and have separate pages for each type of “challenge.” There will be ongoing tests and challenges throughout each session. Nothing is more motivating than busting through your previous numbers!

I am very fortunate to have a “crew” of amazing client-turned-friends who do all sorts of creative stuff! They are always willing to shoot pictures and I will soon be seeking some techie support (for online payment, etc). Anyhow, Nicole Allen is one of the “cool kids” and she showed up last week to shoot a few pictures during the 6pm workout. Everyone seems to moan and groan when the camera is around, so most of the pics she uploaded feature yours truly. Sorry, but I’m not going to include the goof-off one she caught of me in the “finish” position of the Squat-to-Stand mobility drill. I had been joking that my rear is the “best view,” and she caught me! Thanks, Nicole!


-August 30 Session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness (boot camp) was AWESOME!-


The August 30 session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness (aka boot camp) has been a blast!

The session will officially be over when the 6:00PM group finishes their workout this evening.

I made some changes to the way I do things this session, and I am happy to say that I have been nothing but pleased with the results! Even better, the participants have enjoyed the past four weeks of workouts and challenges!

With each session of boot camp, I do things a little bit better. I am a recovering perfectionist (lol) and as such, will always do all I can to hone my craft and bring the best to my clients. I actually have new ideas that I will implement in the upcoming October 4 session!

Things just keep getting better and better, and so do my boot campers!

Check out the newly-added “RECORD BOARD” page by clicking here! 

I will be updating the RECORD BOARD page regularly, so if you’re curious to see how you rank among past & present boot campers, make sure to bookmark it and visit often!

-MTM 1.0 Ebook!-

Roughly two and a half years ago I created the concept for my first ebook, MTM 1.0.

I wrote it by myself.

I edited it by myself.

I put together all the workouts and pictures for the corresponding exercises.

It got some really good reviews and overall I was very happy with the finished product!

I was just not very good about getting the word out, although I did sell a good number of copies.

In an effort to get the word out once more, I am knocking $5 off the original price.

You can snag a copy by visiting my MTM 1.0 page and paying through PayPal…

or you can simply CLICK HERE and order directly!

Please understand that I do not use an automated system to deliver the ebook. I will be emailing you a copy myself, therefore if you place your order while I’m unable to get back to you immediately, please be patient! I will get back to you asap that day! You have my word!

So, if you are a fellow fitness professional, check it out and feel free to put your own “tweaks” on the exercises and routines!

Or, if you’re simply looking for some new inspiration, you’re bored with your workouts at the gym or in-home, and/or you just need some new ideas…

grab a copy of MTM 1.0 today!

-Next Boot Camp Session Begins August 30!-

The next session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness begins Tuesday, August 30!

Yeah, it’s a bit hot…yeah, it’s a bit humid…but do you really want to be one of those people who is always making excuses?

There are NO excuses! There are only opportunities for change!

Come join us and burn some major calories in an upbeat, motivating, and supportive group setting!

Baton Rouge’s FIRST and ONLY fitness boot camp for women only!

It’s a proven fact that working with a fitness professional delivers better results than trying to get the job done alone…it’s also been shown that many people get better results when working out in a group setting!

Accountability is the reason!

This latest session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness promises to knock your sweaty socks off!

Here’s what you get:
*Four weeks of the LATEST fat-burning, results-producing Rippel Effect Fitness boot camp workouts! With each session, the workouts get more and more “fun”…and Sarah promises to deliver!
*COMPLETELY NEW nutrition plans
*Totally revised fitness assessment in weeks one and four – you will notice that you are making progress by how you are feeling and how your clothes are fitting, but the fit tests will PROVE it to you!
*Rippel Effect Rewards – earn free boot camp workouts!

Click here for the link to the Facebook announcement!

While you’re at it, become a fan of Rippel Effect Fitness by clicking here!

“So how much will this cost me,” you ask?

$199 for returning boot campers for 3 days a week
$229 for new boot campers for 3 days a week

We meet Tues, Wed, and Thurs at 5:30am and 6:00pm. You can choose which group works best for you, and you are always able to switch it up and attend either group as you go!

Email me at to register or if you have questions!

Just check out what others have said about Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness if you aren’t quite sure this is for you – go to check out the “Boot Camp” and “What People Have to Say” pages!

See you on the FIT side!

Click here for the link to the Facebook announcement!

While you’re at it, become a fan of Rippel Effect Fitness by clicking here!

-My $0.02 on Running Fitness Boot Camps – Part 2: Taking Advantage of the Great Outdoors!-

Hello again!

“Part 1” of this series introduced three points that I feel are of utmost importance when planning and running a fitness boot camp business: location, equipment, and exercise selection. I am going to expand on my first point and share with you why I feel that my program has been so successful outdoors.

First of all, think about the fact that the average person spends most of their day indoors. Many people sit at a desk for eight hours a day under fluorescent light, staring at a computer screen. I don’t know about you, but the thought of sitting at a desk for most of the day turns my stomach! I am fortunate to work in a profession where I must be active and the scenery changes often. I have heard “I love being outside” and other similar comments time and time again from my boot campers. No one ever complains about feeling crowded and we never run out of space. They thrive on the sunlight and fresh air! It is healthy and liberating to get outside and get moving!

Biskit has become a "highlight" of most Rippel Effect boot camp workouts!

Obviously weather is a huge factor when running a successful outdoor program. It has never been a big problem for me! I have several locations we utilize if it is raining, and I make sure to send out an email to the groups with advance notice if we are meeting at a “rain location.” If it is a severe thunderstorm and lightning is an issue, I use common sense and reschedule the workout. Again, contacting my boot campers by email is the easiest way to do this, and they all know to check their phones prior to heading out the door!

I do not hold my workouts outdoors in the winter! During the cold months I pay a small fee to rent out an indoor location. I figure I would much rather be skiing down a mountain in the cold than doing burpees, jumping jacks, and pushups, so why would I expect my boot campers to feel any different? They are thankful to be out of the cold wind, and so am I. During these months, I take advantage of being able to use more equipment than when we are outside. I bring out the kettlebells, suspension training setups, furniture sliders, ropes, focus mitts and boxing gloves. I even bring out the huge WaveMaster XXL heavy bag, which my ladies love. They wail on that punching bag! It’s a great outlet! I also love to use the Workout Muse soundtracks and iWorkout Muse Pro iPhone app during my indoor workouts. So, even though I prefer to hold my workouts outdoors, I am thankful for being able to get inside during the winter and change things up a bit.

Ahhhh, the infamous furniture sliders! One of the "upsides" to being indoors for the winter!

Aside from being out in the fresh air and wide-open space, another reason I love holding my boot camp workouts outdoors is the fact that I am challenged to utilize the surroundings. You can’t do hill sprints indoors! It is easy to have my boot campers jog a few laps in between exercise sets, and we have numerous paths, which keeps things fresh. I would much rather have them perform plyometric movements in the grass as opposed to on concrete because it’s easier on the joints. I also feel it is safer to perform various cardio & sprint drills in the grass. There are ledges, benches, tables and steps available for step-ups, push-ups, stair drills, etc.  Landmarks such as a building or trees come in handy during “traveling” circuits where my boot campers work at their own pace. I can have them perform workouts where for example, they perform 10 push-ups at “home,” sprint to the opposite end of the “field” where they perform 10 burpees, and then jog around the “big loop” around the building. The possibilities truly are endless!

Wall Sits, anyone?

Needless to say, I really enjoy running my boot camps outside. The biggest danger is the occasional flying golf ball, and I have had one boot camper that was made the “target” of a bird doing his business overhead. Aside from this, I feel it is healthy and fun to get outdoors and get movin’!

The great FIT outdoors!

Sarah Rippel is a fitness professional with over 16 years experience working with individuals and groups. Her business, Rippel Effect Fitness (, is best known in Baton Rouge, LA for it’s dynamic boot camp workouts that challenge all fitness levels.

-June 21 Boot Camp Session!-

Hey everyone!

Just a friendly post to let you know that the next session of boot camp will start Tuesday June 21. It will last for 4 weeks and groups will meet at 5:30am and 6:00pm.

Because the weather is getting rather hot, the PM group may move indoors (into the nice, cool A/C).

We will meet Tuesday thru Thursday because it’s the summer and many people go out of town on weekends.

I am offering 2 options for returning boot campers: 3 days a week for $199 and 2 days a week for $169.

(For new boot campers, the rates will be 3 days a week for $229 and 2 days a week for $199)