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-January Recap!-

It’s become quite obvious that when I’m busier, I don’t have time to write blog posts. Yes, I realize that it’s possible despite a lack of time, but my own training and my sleep takes precedence! Sometimes I wonder if many of the guys who update their blogs on a regular basis even train that many people and/or work out themselves. Oh well.


It’s been a whirlwind month!

I am on track with my own training for the 2012 triathlon season. I am happy to say that thanks to Nan Fontenot and Crawfish Aquatics, I am kicking butt in the pool and actually look forward to swimming 2-3 days a week! I joined the Master’s program and it’s been a challenge, but definitely a good one! On both Monday and Wednesday this week, I threw in a 30-mile ride post-swim. That’s the plan for today as well!

My schedule is near max-capacity with one-on-one clients (and a few couples)! I have three ladies who are getting ready for upcoming weddings. Two of them have gotten to experience trap-bar deadlifts this week for the first time…and I do believe they loved ’em! Another one of my rockstars finished her first marathon and PRed for the first half of the race! Yet another is prepping for an awesome 2012 triathlon season, and another is getting back in shape to play soccer. Lots of great goals and high energy in the Rippel Effect world!

Also, I have had most of my clients performing kipping pull-ups, overhead kettlebell swings, and max-hyperextension situps on the glute-ham developer.

Ok, so I’m kidding about that last part.

Yes, I’m totally kidding.

If you think I’m serious, then you don’t know me that well! 😉 I would NEVER have clients perform any of the above exercises. Remember, just because something can be done doesn’t mean you should do it. A lot of inexperienced trainers need to reflect upon that.

To find out more about becoming one of my personal training rockstars, drop me a line at Motivated people only! 🙂

We just wrapped up four weeks of intense ladies boot camp action last night. The group meets T/Th at 6:00PM at BR Fit, and current members have priority. Keeping the group size to roughly 12 ladies so that everyone gets sufficient attention, we aren’t crammed together like sardines, and workouts flow smoothly! There are all ages, fitness levels, and Rippel Effect experience levels (meaning brand-new to training with me as well as ladies who have been training with me for 1-2 years). It’s a super-fun and highly effective way to rock your bod!

Contact me at for more information and to find out if there’s room for you in the current group!

So, in closing, I will leave you with a few thoughts that sum up this past month for me:

My dad’s cancer surgery went well, and we are extremely thankful. He will be having to undergo radiation in a couple of months but he’s gonna be a-ok!

I am racing in honor of my dad as a part of Team Winter. I will be posting about this eventually. Until then, Google “team winter” and find out more about how you can help! I have a donation page set up and will be accepting donations that go towards prostate cancer research.

I am becoming known as a “Crossfit hater.” Obviously labeled as such by people who become very defensive if I even mention the word Crossfit. Oh well. I’ve discovered that its pretty much a waste of my time to try and have a rational conversation about this topic with those who are über-entrenched in it. No amount of discussion about sound exercise practices, risk vs reward, multiplanar/movement-based training, and quality instruction seems to matter when it falls on deaf ears. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

I am seriously hooked on swimming!

Very often, (runners especially) people assume because their hip flexors are tight that this means they don’t need to be strengthened. Wrong. I will be touching on this during my next lecture/workshop/workout demo at Fleet Feet Sports next month!

A fitness program that doesn’t incorporate an initial screening/assessment protocol is flat-out bogus.

The “injuries are gonna happen” mentality is ridiculous. If you are training SMART, you already know this. Unfortunately, lots of people right now are getting injured in popular workout programs and are encouraged to view these injuries as “badges of honor.” Dumb. The last time I checked, a SLAP-tear that was the result of an unsound workout “program” wasn’t a good thing. “But hey, I’m elite!” 😉

Last but not least, I do not waste my time responding to argumentative and/or emotion-driven comments if there is an apparent lack of sense behind them.

Ok, time for some oatmeal!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Tom Godwin

    Hi Sarah!

    Sounds like your kicking it at the moment!

    Awesome to hear! ]


    February 2, 2012 at 6:11 pm

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