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-August 30 Session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness (boot camp) was AWESOME!-


The August 30 session of Rippel Effect Outdoor Fitness (aka boot camp) has been a blast!

The session will officially be over when the 6:00PM group finishes their workout this evening.

I made some changes to the way I do things this session, and I am happy to say that I have been nothing but pleased with the results! Even better, the participants have enjoyed the past four weeks of workouts and challenges!

With each session of boot camp, I do things a little bit better. I am a recovering perfectionist (lol) and as such, will always do all I can to hone my craft and bring the best to my clients. I actually have new ideas that I will implement in the upcoming October 4 session!

Things just keep getting better and better, and so do my boot campers!

Check out the newly-added “RECORD BOARD” page by clicking here! 

I will be updating the RECORD BOARD page regularly, so if you’re curious to see how you rank among past & present boot campers, make sure to bookmark it and visit often!


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