Official Website of Sarah E. Rippel, BS, CPT, FMS

-MTM 1.0 Ebook!-

Roughly two and a half years ago I created the concept for my first ebook, MTM 1.0.

I wrote it by myself.

I edited it by myself.

I put together all the workouts and pictures for the corresponding exercises.

It got some really good reviews and overall I was very happy with the finished product!

I was just not very good about getting the word out, although I did sell a good number of copies.

In an effort to get the word out once more, I am knocking $5 off the original price.

You can snag a copy by visiting my MTM 1.0 page and paying through PayPal…

or you can simply CLICK HERE and order directly!

Please understand that I do not use an automated system to deliver the ebook. I will be emailing you a copy myself, therefore if you place your order while I’m unable to get back to you immediately, please be patient! I will get back to you asap that day! You have my word!

So, if you are a fellow fitness professional, check it out and feel free to put your own “tweaks” on the exercises and routines!

Or, if you’re simply looking for some new inspiration, you’re bored with your workouts at the gym or in-home, and/or you just need some new ideas…

grab a copy of MTM 1.0 today!


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