Official Website of Sarah E. Rippel, BS, CPT, FMS


The next 4-week session of Rippel Effect Fitness boot camp begins soon!

JULY 26, in fact!!!! REGISTER NOW!

Groups meet at 5:30am and 6:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Workouts last 45-60 min and include:
*dynamic warm-up
*mobility, flexibility, and weak-link activation work
*fat-frying intervals
*strength circuits
*exercises that accommodate EVERY fitness level
*continued progression
*partner/group exercises

It’s an awesome way to get in better shape, make new friends, and have a blast in a non-intimidating outdoor setting!

Groups are women-only, so no worrying about sleazebag gym rats staring at you! 🙂

It’s affordable, too! I have over sixteen years experience as a fitness professional, and my fee for personal training is $75/hour. You get TWELVE workouts with me for the price of 4-5 one-on-one training sessions! Now THAT’s awesome!

Discount for returning boot campers.
Discount for referrals!

Email me at!

Sarah Rippel, BS, CPT, CSNC
(225) 326-2317



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