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-Boot Camp Workouts have ROCKED this Week!-

Yes, he sat there and posed!

This has been another great week for Rippel Effect Fitness! I am in the process of streamlining my approach to the workouts, and the result will be a more efficient, effective usage of our time! I have been creating programs for my clients and boot camps for almost 16 years now. Needless to say, I have written up an astronomical number of workouts in this time frame. Some are complete garbage, some are so-so, and some are magic! I am taking the best boot camp ones and tweaking them based on what happened when I “tested” them out during the actual workouts. Each 4-week session of boot camp is going to have a structure and “lesson plan.” There will be constant progression and modifications within the workouts, but there will be similarities in format from week to week within the session. The end result will be a polished take on my “never the same workout twice” mentality!

You see, it’s not that difficult to write out workouts. Pretty much anyone can do it. What makes the difference is being able to see your work come to life, and to be able to adjust things based on what actually happened during the workout. This is why I do not have respect for “fitness professionals” who have very little face-to-face experience with clients. How in the heck can you know what works best and what doesn’t if you have never put the plan into action? So, keep that in the mind the next time you come across the latest workout program someone is hawking on the Internet. Most likely it’s a “cookie cutter” program they jotted down on scrap paper from someone else’s ideas while playing on Facebook.

There seem to be a plethora of boot camp programs that basically consist of a mish-mash of exercises thrown together with complete disregard to progression. I am constantly checking out what other boot camps are doing, and to be honest, I am appalled at the lack of thought behind the workouts. Many times, boot camp instructors seem to show up and throw the workout together on the spot without planning anything out in advance. My BS meter is set off by anyone who doesn’t seem to think this lack of planning is a problem. I have had several trainers/boot camp instructors tell me that this is how they do it, and I was shocked that they were able to admit that without any sense of shame. I find it disturbing!

Bottom line: if you run boot camps and are not planning things out in advance, your clients are NOT going to get the results they seek, and you are just one of the multitude of average trainers doing what most people are doing. Eventually, this will catch up with you. Please do yourself and your clients a favor and reevaluate why you’re leading boot camps in the first place…and stop doing what you’re doing!

One of the biggest allies I have in making my boot camp workouts run smoothly is Workout Muse. Why? Because even though I am pretty fierce when using a Gymboss timer, Workout Muse doesn’t allow for any potential “snags.” You press play and don’t have to worry about the intervals. This means less “lag” time in between rounds (ie: someone starts talking about the latest episode of “The Bachelor” or something, and before you know it you’ve lost three minutes). I feel that it’s been extremely useful with my indoor workouts during the winter. We have capitalized on circuit-style workouts because we are indoors. Once we are back outside, we will be doing more running, games, traveling circuits, and AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts involving our surroundings. I will still be using Workout Muse when we’re back out at the park!

So…here’s the “fun” we have had this week! 🙂


Warm-Up: 50/10 circuit

  1. Squat to Stand variation
  2. Split Squat or Sagittal Lunge
  3. Lateral Squat or Lateral Lunge
  4. 2-Leg or Single-Leg Deadlift variation
  5. Hi Plank or Pushup to Down Dog

3-Minute Continuous Rounds – 45s per exercise, with no rest in between exercises; AM boot camp group did a 1 min jog after completion of each 3-minute round, and PM group did the 1 min Mini-Finishers as shown below.

Circuit I:

  1. Staggered Squat + Alternating Floor Reach (BW or DBs)
  2. Woodchops
  3. Staggered Squat + Alt Floor Reach (other side)
  4. DB “X” Chop
  5. 1-Minute Mini-Finisher = 30s Jacks/30s Step Jacks (or 1 min jacks)

Circuit II:

  1. Reverse Lunge to Kick (BW or DBs)
  2. DB Squat/Curl/Press
  3. Reverse Lunge to Kick
  4. DB Punches 30s/DB Uppercuts 30s
  5. 1-Minute Mini-Finisher = 30s Burpees/30s High Plank to Down Dog

Circuit III:

  1. Lateral Lunge with “Loop dee Loop” Arm Movement (DB)
  2. Single-Leg DB Touchdown (or BW for easier; add OH press to make harder)
  3. Alt Lunge + DB Rotation
  4. Single-Leg DB Touchdown
  5. 1-Minute Mini-Finisher = 30s Skipping/30s Jogging

Circuit IV:

  1. Plank variation – Static/Swivel/Alt Abduction
  2. Side Plank variation – Static/Rotation (can switch sides @ halfway or stay on same side for time)
  3. Plank
  4. Side Plank

Circuit V:

  1. Feet-Up X-Body Toe Reach
  2. Bicycles
  3. Feet-Up X-Body Toe Reach
  4. Muffin Tops


Warm-Up: 50/10 circuit (as above)

Slow Negatives & Explosive Power Tri-Sets – 30s for first exercise, done with a 3/1/explode tempo, followed by 30s active rest, and then 15s of a power exercise; 30s rest after completing a tri-set & then move on to the next; 30s rest after a full round; 3 rounds = 20 min

  1. Strength = BW Squat (hands at sternum/hands behind head/arms overhead)
  2. Active Rest = Cross Crawl
  3. Power = Speed Squat/Drop Squat/Jump Squat
  4. Strength = Push-Up (hands on DBs; on knees/elevated hands/floor)
  5. Active Rest = Jacks
  6. Power = Burpees
  7. Strength = Hip-Hinge (hands at sternum/hands behind head/arms overhead)
  8. Active Rest = Frankenstein
  9. Power = Skaters (lateral step/Skaters/faster &/or wider)
Core Tri-Sets – 30s for first exercise, followed by 30s of stretching, and then 15s of a more intense movement; 30s rest after completing a tri-set & then move on to the next; 30s rest after a full round; 3 rounds = 20 min
  1. Plank variation: Static/Diving/Walkup
  2. Cobra Stretch
  3. Plank Jacks: Alternating/Fast
  4. Reverse Crunches: Unilateral/Bilateral
  5. Low Back Stretch
  6. Straight-Leg “Raise the Roof” Thrusts
  7. Bridge: 2-Leg Static or Dynamic/Marching/Single-Leg Static or Dynamic
  8. Hip Stretch
  9. Bicycles: Feet Down/Feet Up


Warm-Up: Dynamic (High Knee Walk, Walking Quad, Frankenstein, Side Lunge Shift & Skip, Spiderman + Rotation, Inchworms)

1:30 Rounds with Continuous 15s Intervals – 1:30 at each of four stations, alternating between exercises for 15s ea; 1 min rest after completion of a station, then rotate to the next; complete two rounds for 20 minutes, then perform two more rounds of the modified circuit for a butt-kicking 40-minute calorie-crunching workout!


  1. Superband March or Jog/Alternating Lunges
  2. Rope Alternating Waves/Assisted Squats
  3. Medicine Ball Woodchops/Slams
  4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat/Swings (2A or 1A)
  1. Superband Lateral Lunge/March or Jog
  2. Rope Double Waves/In & Out Waves
  3. Medicine Ball Pivot Rotations/Bent-Over Slams
  4. Kettlebell 1A Row/Sumo Deadlift


Warm-Up: Dynamic (same as yesterday)

3-Minute Continuous Rounds – 30s per exercise, with no rest in between exercises; 1 min rest after completion of each 3-minute round; jog a lap during rest break & grab a sip of water; each round was done twice.


  1. Burpee variation: no jump/jump/pushup
  2. Log Roll variation: from forearms/from hands/pushup
  3. Overhead Reverse Lunge
  1. Mountain Climber variation: slow/fast
  2. Pushup variation: knees/regular
  3. Lateral Lunge variation: lateral squat/lateral lunge
  1. DB Burpee
  2. Renegade Row variation: 1A/Alt Arm/Pushup
  3. Squat, Curl, & Press
  1. Plank variation: Static/Swivel/Walkup
  2. Side Plank variation: Static/Rotation
  3. Side Plank
  4. Bridge variation: Static/Dynamic/Marching/Single-Leg
  5. DB Single-Leg V-Sit (switch at halfway)
  6. Straight-Leg “Raise the Roof” Thrusts

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