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-I Ran 9 Miles in the Cold Wind…What Did You Do Today?-

My new QRoo Dulce! Thank you, Mark @ Precision Bikes in Lafayette! Brought her home yesterday in some severe weather...and i'm DYING to break her in! Weekend should be nice bike weather!

Yeah, the title of this post sounds a little cocky…so if it offends you, I challenge you to ask yourself why? Most people know that i’m far from cocky. I’m just throwin’ it out there as a means of encouraging everyone to DO SOMETHING today. I highly doubt you’re a lazy person if you are one of my loyal viewers, and I KNOW you’re not lazy if you’re in the Rippel Effect family!

So, without further ado…here’s proof that I am perhaps a bit cuckoo!

There was a pretty big excuse not to do my run today – it was 32 degrees out but felt like 26 because of the constant wind. Who wants to run on a cold, cloudy, blustery day?

I do…apparently.

I cannot lie – when I started my workout, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. It was too late, though…I started and had to finish. I had thoughts like “I could just do the 4-mile loop” and “this really sucks!”

Know what I did with those thoughts? I transformed them into positive ones:





My plan called for a 1:20 pace run, and I set my Garmin to beep with the intervals. 29 minutes into the workout, I realized I had somehow chosen the wrong workout, so the intervals were all wrong. No biggie…I just rolled with it. Pandora was being really good to me – Journey, Def Leppard, Queensryche, The Police, Chicago, Queen…good stuff! I was totally in my element despite the elements! I felt efficient, strong, and capable.

There’s a point where you’re lungs no longer burn and your runny nose doesn’t seem to bother you anymore. 🙂

So…there’s another accomplishment scratched off my eternally-growing list of things I’m capable of doing.

My first long run in the cold.

What are YOU gonna scratch off of your list?


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