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-You’ll Get Through!-

I'll get through! Just keep swimming...just keep swimming!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

You’ll get through

You’ll get through this day, and you’ll have more strength, richness and wisdom as a result. You’ll get through this month, this year, this life, all while adding to the already-great value that is your existence.

You have what it takes to find your way through, and indeed you will. Though it won’t always be easy or comfortable or convenient, you will surely and steadily move forward.

You can choose to let the fears hold you back for a while. Or you can choose to let those fears inform and prepare you, and then move on through them to where you are meant to be.

You can come up with all sorts of creative excuses to avoid making progress. Eventually, though, you’ll realize what you’re missing and will decide to leave those excuses behind.

Whatever comes along, you’ll get through it. At some point you’ll learn to stop fighting, to stop struggling, to stop complaining, and allow yourself to successfully handle whatever comes your way.

The worries, the fears, the anxieties and moments of hesitation will all be proven wrong. Because one way or another, you will get through.

Ralph Marston

Copyright (C) 2011 Ralph S. Marston, Jr. All rights reserved.


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