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-Boot Camp Workout of the Week!-

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

Okay, so as I’ve said before, my definition of “fun” may not be the typical one!

Here’s what my RIPPEL EFFECT INDOOR FITNESS boot camp groups did yesterday!

Dynamic Warm-Up: 5 min

  1. High Knee Walk
  2. Frankenstein
  3. Walking Quad Stretch
  4. Overhead Walking Lunge
  5. Side Lunge Shift & Skip
  6. Walking Spiderman with Rotation & Arm Reach
Mobility & Activation Circuit: 5 min
  1. Quadruped T-Spine Rotation – 20s per side
  2. Quadruped Hip Circles – 20s per side
  3. Marching Bridges – 1 min
  4. Bent-Over Single-Arm “L” in “waiter’s bow” position – 20s per side (which I picked up from Nick Tumminello via recent video included in my membership…awesome resource, by the way!)
50/10 10-Station Circuit Powered by Workout Muse: 10 min per round; 2 1/2 rounds
  1. “Hinge”: Kettlebell: Sumo / 2A Swing / 1A Swing (switch at halfway)
  2. Side Plank Variation: Static / Up Down / Rotation / Abduction (these variations were used for any side plank station; switch sides at halfway)
  3. “Push”: Medicine Ball: High Plank Transfer / High Plank on Ball / Transfer Pushup / MB Burpee / Pushup on Ball
  4. Plank Variation: Static / Up Down / Swivel / Abduction
  5. “Squat”: Slider: BW Split Squat / Slider Reverse Lunge / add DBs / Slider Reverse Lunge to OH Press
  6. Side Plank Variation
  7. “Pull”: Suspended Row: Wide Feet / Close Feet / 1-Leg (we used the USA by and the Jungle Gym by Lifeline; another option is the very-popular TRX)
  8. Plank Variation
  9. “Cardio”: Ropes: Alt Wave Wide Feet / Close Feet / Staggered Stance / Stepback
  10. Side Plank Variation

This workout kicked booty! I always take time to plan out my workouts in advance, and this one was no exception! I wanted to include some sort of “active rest” stations in between the “equipment-based” stations, and sticking with planks and side planks seemed like a good idea! I have already heard “my abs are so sore today” from several people! Nothing beats good ol’ basics! Give it a shot and let me know what you think by leaving your comments!

I wanna take a second and risk sounding like an infomercial. I LOVE WORKOUT MUSE! I am really in love with the new iWorkout Muse PRO app for the iPhone. It’s become like gold to me! I still use my trusty Gymboss timer, but iWorkout Muse PRO has really made things run smoother for my boot camp workouts. Overall I feel like it’s an awesomely-powerful tool for boot camp fitness pros! It allows me to take the focus off of worrying what time it is, and stay “in the mix,” keeping my boot campers pumped-up and moving! One of them has even given a name to the “crank it!” voice – “Sven Karlsson!” LOL!

Yes, we ALWAYS have a blast at boot camp!

By the way, the next women’s-only boot camp session begins MONDAY JAN 31! Register now by sending me an email at We are indoors for this next session, so no worries about freezin’ your fanny!


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