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-Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!-

My current training week!

As I sit here typing this post, it’s raining outside. It’s been dreary and drizzly all day…you know, one of those days where you can never tell when it’s going to rain.

On tap for me today was a 1-hour run. I worked out with my AM boot camp group (which ended up being a killer workout, by the way, despite how simple it appeared), but that was a “bonus.” I’m training for a half marathon as well as starting my plan for the 2011 triathlon season, so I obviously cannot neglect my swim/bike/run workouts!

With the weather being iffy, I was pretty much certain that the dreadmill was in store for me today. Ugh. The thought of running on that thing makes my stomach turn. As I was wrapping up my post-lunch emails, I thought to myself, “I’d better just get out there and do it before it rains again!”

And that’s what I did.

I went out and had an awesome little 7-mile run. Time of 1:01:15. Even better was the fact that it started drizzling just when I got finished! How’s that for good karma?

Excuses, schmuses!

I could have used excuse #693, (aka the “rain” excuse), and had a boring run on the dreadmill or even worse, completely thrown in the towel and not gone for a run at all.

I’m proud to not be part of the 80% of the population that makes excuses right and left. That’s not the way I choose to roll. I’ll leave the excuse-making to those who wish to sit around being miserable and not taking responsibility for their lives.

This man was definitely not an excuse-maker!

As the late Jack LaLanne said:

“Too many people make excuses like I am too old, or I don’t have the time, or it costs money. Then when they get sick they go to the doctor and want a shot in the backside to make them healthy.”

I would like to take a second and brag about one of my boot campers! Check out the post I wrote earlier this month about my latest boot camp session and everyone’s goals by clicking here.

This specific rockstar set her short-term goals as: Drop a pants size; Improve energy & feel better; Pay attention to what I eat. She set her long-term goals as: Lose 40 lbs; Wear cute sundresses on honeymoon! I am happy to say that just this afternoon, she emailed me to update me on her progress. She has lost the 10 pounds that she gained in between her wedding and the holidays (having taken a break from boot camp during this time). She is using her Lose It app every day no matter what, started ballet and tap on Sunday afternoons, and feels better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, she included all of those exclamation points! What awesome progress in not even a month! SO PROUD of her! I could sit here and brag about many other clients, but that would take all day! Look for updates regarding everyone’s progress in an upcoming blog post!

So…are you just gonna sit there and make an excuse, or are you gonna take action?

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