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-Follow Your Heart, Trust Your Gut, & Listen to Your Body!-

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What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, I was rarin’ to go…today, I’m exhausted.

I am currently training for a half marathon, and the 2011 tri season will be underway shortly. This means following a plan! I have been doing very well with my running, and am finally feeling close to 100% after roughly two weeks of sinus infection blahs.

Ran 5.65 easy, hilly miles yesterday. I know what you’re thinking – easy and hills don’t go together. You’re right. I wasn’t sprinting or anything, and managed to maintain an average pace of roughly 9 min/mi. Hills wear your legs out, though. I know because I’m feeling the effects today! Also, it probably didn’t help that I worked out with my PM boot camp group AND didn’t go to bed until midnight. 🙂

I decided to use today as a rest day, which is great because I’m getting a massage this afternoon. The thought of going for a run right now…no way.

The “old” me (aka back in the days as a fitness competitor) would have NEVER felt so good about taking a day off. No way…no how.

Things are different now. I am eternally evolving, and with this comes lessons learned & continued growth. I’ve made three important shifts over the past couple of years:

  1. I follow my heart more, rather than just my brain. This has allowed me to experience true love, and to “share” myself with friends and family. I do not worry about what people think. I used to let this worry dictate my every action. Thank goodness I woke up!
  2. I trust my gut. If I get a feeling about a certain situation or person, I heed it. 99% of the time, it’s right! If I choose to ignore it, things always work out to where I am left thinking “Geez, why didn’t I go with my gut reaction?” Lessons learned in both my personal and professional life…always a silver lining, though…always!
  3. I listen to my body. Gone are the days of “more is better.” Gone are the days of chronic aches and pains. Gone are the days of overtraining! I realize that a flexible training schedule is what works. Nothing is set in stone.
I encourage everyone to do the above things more often than not. It’s amazing how much more awesome life is when you follow those three rules!
After all, as renowned coach of endurance athletes Joe Friel said…

“Train hard, rest harder!”


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