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-The Joys of Running…& Compression Socks-

Sexy, right?! 🙂

So…I’m doing my first half marathon on March 6. It’s the Little Rock Half, and i’m actually looking forward to it! Yes, hills, hills, and more hills! Yes, i’m a bit of a masochist, lol. Anyhow, one of my friends asked me to do the race because she is training for it, so I figured what the heck…why not?!

I’m on the verge of the 2011 race season and this is the perfect way to kick it off. My last race this season will be the Oil Man Texas Half Ironman, which is November 6. There will be a few races in between these two, and I have several goals for the season. First and foremost is to work on my open water swim apprehensions. It’s crazy because I never knew I would have anxiety when putting my face into “dark” water until I did my first race, the Avia Austin Triathlon on Labor Day of 2009. Ever since then, it’s been one of those nagging fears in the back of my mind…BUT…unlike a lot of people, I refuse to let this hold me back!

My second goal of this race season is to not only follow a strategic training plan, but to stay on top of analyzing my workout data (that sounds so nerdy), so that I can adjust accordingly. I have already seen numerous improvements since I began training for the sport of triathlon in June of 2009. It is SO awesome to make progress and continue to do so in an injury-free manner! Gotta train smarter, not necessarily harder!

So, one of my latest acquisitions from the “must-have gear” world is a pair of CEP compression socks, which I picked up from the awesome peeps at Fleet Feet yesterday. Thanks, ladies! Not too long ago, if you would have told me I would be plunking down $60 on a pair of socks, I would have said you were crazy! After numerous people filled me in with their praises of these “wonder socks,” I figured it was my time to join the club.

Now I am a proud member of the “lookin’ like a g!eek because i’m wearin’ these dorky-lookin’ socks, but feelin’ like a rockstar because i’m so high-tech & hardcore” club! lol 🙂

I did a 5-mile pace interval run this afternoon. It was 70 out…yes, SEVENTY degrees in January, which was awesome. I ran in shorts and a tank and my groovy socks.

I started feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, so earlier today I was questioning whether or not I should go for my run. Truth be told, it was the lure of the socks that prompted me to run. Well, that and the fact that I have had some stuff weighing on my heart these days, so I NEEDED to run just to get some of that out. Running is therapy, after all

My thoughts so far (aside from feeling so hardcore, lol)?

My legs felt great! I have never really had any issues (knock on wood) with my ankles or knees. I do have a pesky left hip flexor/QL/low back issue that will forever plague me, but I work with it. I noticed during a run last week that the arch of my left foot started feeling tight, which kinda worried me. This didn’t really begin to show up today until the last mile or so, and i’m thinking if I do more ankle mobility work the issue will become less of one. It was an interesting feeling, running while wearing these socks. I felt “springier.” My muscles were supported and I felt like I had more efficient running mechanics. Part of that could be a placebo effect, but I really did notice a difference.

I will be running with my cep “wonder socks” from now on! I don’t care if I look like a goober…I already am one!

For more details on the CEP running progressive compression socks, CLICK HERE!

2 responses

  1. Sarah, you need to come here and do “The Frozen Feat 5K/10′” with me on Feb 12th! 🙂 Grand Forks, ND. Yes, it has an airport. We have those here in ND despite what people think. 🙂 I’m doing the 5K, should be rockin’ and literally chillin’!

    January 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    • I would do it for the fact that you and I would FINALLY get to meet in person, but the “frozen feat” name is too awesome!!!! I love it! How cold do you think it will be for the race that weekend? It could happen! I wanna start making my way around our wonderful country, meeting those of you who i’ve come to know thanks to the wonderful ‘net! 😀

      January 4, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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