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-Sara Kelley: Awesome Client, Friend, & Photographer!-

I wanted to share a recent blog post with you by my client & friend Sara Kelley.

I call Sara “No-H” because her name is spelled without an “h” at the end. We are bonded by the same name (with different spellings) as well as in many other ways.

Sara is an inspiration! She has one of the most incredible, upbeat attitudes and there was NEVER a day where we worked out that she didn’t have a constant smile on her face. She was always encouraging to others in the group, and her encouragement continues as she inspires others to take up exercise as a daily habit.

Not too long ago, she bought a road bike and just the other day acquired a pair of clipless pedals and shoes, so now it’s ON! We will be going for our first ride together very soon! I am so excited!

I am proud to have Sara in my life. She is one of those people who just make you feel good by bein’ next to them. I wish everyone had a little “No-H” in their life!

Without further ado, you may check out Sara’s beautiful work and her Rippel Effect blog post by clicking here!


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