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-Rippel Effect Fitness “Fry the Holiday Fat” Indoor Boot Camp!-

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Ok…here I am to fill you in on my boot camps and hopefully answer any questions that you have! 🙂

First off, the next session begins on Monday Jan. 3. Normally I do a week off in between sessions but it just makes sense to start on the 3rd! I am planning on having workouts during the week of Dec. 27 because I have current boot campers who are not wanting to take off two weeks. If you are interested in getting started then, let me know, and you can hop in and get goin’!

The next session (not including the early week) will last 4 weeks, and you have the option of doing 3, 4, or 5 days a week. I have a 5:30am group and a 6:00pm group, and both groups are meeting indoors for the colder months. We are utilizing a huge meeting room at the LRCE (Florida Blvd & Cloud Drive), which is great b/c it’s climate-controlled, we have lights, it’s safe, and most importantly we aren’t freezing! Once the weather starts warming up, we will be back out at City Park.

You have the choice of which days you attend, as well as switching between AM and PM groups. Some people start out with one and end up moving to the other, while some flip-flop. For the PM group, I would like to continue the trend of not having a workout on Fridays. Most people are fine with this, and those who want to do 5 days a week end up coming to the Friday AM group.

I prefer not to have huge groups (max of 20-25) because I like to keep tabs on everyone and I don’t want anyone to feel left out! With it being the start of a new year, I am anticipating a pretty good turnout, therefore I would suggest letting me know asap if you are interested! Contact me at

The rates are:
3 days a week = $229
4 days a week = $249
5 days a week = $299

You can pay via cash, check, or Paypal invoice.

Every workout is different, and I provide variations of most exercises to accomodate various fitness levels. What’s really great is that I usually have beginners in the same group as more advanced participants, and everyone gets a great workout! Also, it’s a fun experience and a motivating environment because of the group setting.

You will need to bring a yoga mat and a pair of 5-8 lb dumbbells each time…oh, and water (of course)! I have a ton of equipment of my own which we use here and there throughout each session (such as kettlebells, battling ropes, BOSU, speed ladders, etc).

Yours in Health,

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