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-Something More of Us Should Do-

We humans are basically selfish creatures. Everything we do is pretty much centered around survival and pleasure. We are also pretty egotistical…I mean, when you think about it, if we weren’t to some degree, we would be worthless. A person without a sense of self is a pretty sad human being. A person with an overly-inflated sense of self on the other hand, is someone who runs the high risk of ending up empty inside & all alone.

With this being said, we DO need to succeed in work and life. This is a given. But it kinda scares me to think that most people view success as a pile of dollar signs, a sweet house, expensive car, and a closet full of Manolos. Yeah, these things are great, but really? If that’s how you define success, there’s a lot you have to learn. Success is so much more than the material things we greedy humans strive to accumulate day in and day out.

Success has nothing to do with money.

Success has EVERYTHING to do with utilizing one’s time in a manner that fulfills their true purpose.

I’m not just talking about paid time. I’m talking about all those extra hours in the day where we are presented with opportunities to further enrich our purpose.

If you want me to be perfectly honest (and I’ve said this not too long ago in reference to my experience with Girls on the Run), I get so much more out of the time I spend GIVING of myself to my clients, friends, and pretty much complete strangers. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can utilize my talents to help other people improve their lives. Yes, it’s awesome that I get paid for it, but it’s also even better that I can contribute something positive at virtually any given moment of any given day.

Here are two videos one of the girls shot the week before Thanksgiving when I brought Biskit to work out with the group! They loved him, of course!

Let’s talk about Facebook & Twitter. I have made tons of friends via these sites and have been able to offer my help in answering fitness-related questions to numerous people. I do admit that I have an overflowing inbox and it takes me roughly a week to get back to people, BUT…I do get back to people! I don’t expect anything from this. I feel lots of people use Facebook and Twitter to try and “gain” friends so that they will purchase their products/services. This is fine and dandy, but if it’s done in an obviously-lame fake way, I have no respect for whoever is doing it. I am “friends” with tons of fitness professionals, and it’s really great to be able to “talk shop” and bounce ideas off one another…but I go through these periods where I think “why in the heck am I friends with all of these people who I never talk to?” It’s as if people just want to accumulate, accumulate, accumulate…and I don’t buy into that game.

Rippel Effect "Free Workout Friday" was a success! It will be a regular event!

So, if we are Facebook friends, please feel free to drop me a line at any time! If you just added me to boost your numbers or because I was one of the “suggested” people (because we share 76 friends), you might as well de-friend yourself if you never plan on interacting with me.

In this day and age, it can be really hard to find REAL people…but we are out there! I know we are all very busy, and yes, our careers ARE very important…but isn’t the desire to help people one of the true reasons you became a fitness professional in the first place?

And to those of you who are experienced, educated exercisers…are you not bombarded day in and day out by fitness information to the point where it can be overwhelming? Just where is your information coming from? Are you able to interact with them? Are they willing to offer a little bit of their time to help you, or are they just viewing you as another dollar sign?

So…what exactly is this “thing” that Sarah feels more of us should do?

It’s simple.



It’s addictive!

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