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-Fancy-Schmansy Push-Ups & Schtuff!-

If you’re an advanced exerciser, you most likely enjoy finding different ways to “torture” yourself during workouts. Trust me, I know good and well how this is!

The JC Predator Band

The JC Predator Band

Monday, I threw together a nice little 20-ish minute workout for myself. I basically stuck with 3 “tools” and put together three tri-sets incorporating each. I used a Bodybar, my bodyweight, and the JC Predator band.

Here’s the lowdown:

1. 5-minute Bodyweight Warm-Up

2. Tri-Set 1: BB OH Kneel to Stand/Fire Hydrant Push-Ups (on handles)/JC Predator Hip Hinge to Row

3. Tri-Set 2: BB 1A Clean & Press to Windmill/Fire Hydrant Push-Up to Down Dog Flopover/JC Predator Static Squat with Alternating Arm Pull

4. Tri-Set 3: BB Lateral Reaching Lunge to Snatch/”Jazzed-Up” Plank to Pushup (added a T-Roll in elbow plank position and a Hand March in high plank position)/JC Predator Staggered Stance “10 to 2” Rotations

Check out some of the action!


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