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So…last week, I met up with a friend and fellow fitness professional Will Jones of 4th Dimension Fitness ( for a 16-mile bike ride. He is also a triathlete! Anyhow, we got to talking after our ride and came up with the awesome idea to meet once a week and basically kick eachother’s as*es.

You see, when you work with clients all day long, it can be difficult to put together your own workouts. Why? It’s as if you know TOO much, so when it comes times to train yourself, the process of putting together the “perfect” workout can be overwhelming. Also, after all the thinking that goes into planning clients’ workouts and taking them through them, the last thing I personally wanna do is think too much about my own workouts. I just want to get ’em done!

Our inaugural collaborative workout took place on Thursday of last week. We met up at a local park and threw together a workout using all sorts of “toys!” This was my first time to use a sledge! Oh, and the slosh pipe! They both rocked! I’m in love! 🙂

The workout consisted of 30 seconds work per exercise, with as little rest in between exercises as possible. We did two rounds each, and I THOUGHT I got the first round on video, but I was wrong…therefore the vids show both Will and I battling through our second rounds of the torture!

Workout Breakdown:

  1. 30-foot single rope waves
  2. Sumos  – 75 lb dumbbell / 16 kilo kettlebell
  3. Sledge – 16 lb / 8 lb
  4. KB H2H Swing – 16 kilo / 12 kilo
  5. TRX Recline Pull
  6. 4-foot Slosh Pipe (20-25 lb) OH Reverse Lunges
  7. OH Press – 25 lb DB / 8 kilo kettlebell

Without further ado, here are the vids!

Will’s 2nd Round:

My 2nd Round:

So, be on the lookout for future posts featuring the “4D and Rippel Effect fusion!”


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