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-Got Humidity?-

Hey gang!

I know, I know…been a while since I posted. Don’t hate! I will be posting more often…just like old times! Just been super-busy and am happy to say that boot camp is underway! We started yesterday. I am super-jazzed at not only the turnout for this first session, but the can-do attitudes and hard work the ladies are already putting forth! Be expecting some amazing success stories, pics, vids, and a few “brag” posts from here on out! On the subject of vids, a few of you may have been wondering why in the heck I haven’t posted any recent ones. Well, a week after my race, I was out on a ride and my car was broken into. I came back to find the window smashed and the jerkface stole my Flip (and tripod) from out of my work bag! I will be getting a new one soon, so no worries!

8735_172922415090_550400090_4092399_5775245_nOkay, so…the title of this post is “Got Humidity?”

Why did I choose this?

Well, this morning it was 77 degrees and a glorious 89% humidity when I did my own outdoor workout.

My original plan was to go for a ride…I haven’t been on my bike since last Wednesday (sigh). This plan was thrown in the garbage, however, because the fog was insane this morning! No way I would have gotten on my bike on a windy road wearing all black (I forgot to bring along a bright top).

Instead of opting for some much-needed time in the saddle, I made the smart decision to stay off the road and threw together a killer 40-minute metabolic workout!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Jump Rope: 2 rounds (4-5 min ea…first round took 6 min but ran into friend & stopped to talk for just a bit) –> 100 regular jumps, 100 alternating jumps, 50 ea leg single-leg jumps, 100 alternating heel touch jumps. Ended at 11 minutes and rested 1 minute, then did…
  2. Bodyweight: 2 rounds (3 1/2 min ea) –> 15 prisoner squats, 15 elevated push-ups, 10 ea leg reverse lunge + rotation, 5 advanced inchworms. Ended at 20:15, then did…
  3. KB Swings: 2 rounds (2:10 ea) –> 15 right/15 left x 3. I used one of my 8 kilos, since that’s all I had in my trunk (took a bunch out prior to road trip to Austin this past weekend). Humidity sure makes kettlebell work interesting! Ended at 26:10, then did…
  4. JC Predator Band Circuit: 2 rounds (2:10 ea) –> 20 ea arm staggered punches R leg, 20 ea arm staggered punches L leg, 20 ea arm pivot pulls, 10 ea arm archer pulls, 10 2-arm alternating step press. During this circuit, the sweat was REALLY dripping down my face. Sweat in the eyes SUCKS, but it’s kinda neat at the same time! Ended at 35 min, then did…
  5. KB: 2 rounds –> 10 snatches ea, 15 staggered 1-arm row + opposite arm drive.
Ghetto-fied writeup and lots of sweat drops!

Ghetto-fied writeup and lots of sweat drops!

The rest of the story.

The rest of the story.

41:10 = END!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it was SO miserable I worked out without my tank top on. I took it off and used it for a sweat rag! I NEVER work out in just a sports bra…had no choice this morning!

My "sweat angel" print...get it? Like "snow angels" you do as a kid, but sweatier!

My "sweat angel" print...get it? Like "snow angels" you do as a kid, but sweatier!

So, there ya have it…proof that I sweat like a pig…yeah, it was super-muggy, but I really don’t need any help in the sweat department! lol 😀

Keep training smarter!

Yours in Health,



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