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5640_145824745090_550400090_3766288_1768143_nAs usual, i’m havin’ a blast and we’re kickin’ that word that rhymes with sea bass! ;D

Kicked off another week of schweaty fun this morning, and as usual, got some action on video for you guys!

But before we get to this morning’s festivities, let me rewind a bit back to last week.  I’ve been so busy with only 13 days left til’ race day that I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging!  Not to fret…life will return to a more “normal” state after September 7…that is, until I choose another race date!

Anyhow, last week was the first week for this little group, and they survived three heart-pumpin’, butt-bustin’ workouts!

I’ll let the vids do the talkin’! 🙂

Here I am, explaining part of last Thursday’s dynamic warm-up:

Here’s some Superband/Core action from last Friday:

Here I am, enlightening the ladies on the wonderful Burpee/Squat Thrust/Up-Down this morning:

Here are Ashley and Michelle demonstrating their excellent Burpee, Single-Leg Anterior Reach, and Squat abilities:

I was on a Tabata kick this morning:

Last, but not least…part of this morning’s “finale”:

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