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-Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of the Way Pt. II-

crank_yankers_yay-737929I thought I would share a nice little reaction to my recent “Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of the Way” post.  Just more proof that I do not do things the way many people choose to do ‘em.

This comment was left buy a guy we’ll call JimmyBoi (I have in no way altered any of his comment.  Typos are as they were written):

“christ I am so sick of these kinds of posts from people. You do realize that your twitter is full of fakes right? That you communicate on a daily basis with the people you are not “afraid” to call out?

Why don’t you have the guts to really call someone out or shut up about it already. You don’t have the guts to name names because you hope those same people are going to be there in the end to help make you money. Give me a break, I will beleive it when I see it.”

Of course, leave it to me to be somewhat long-winded…why is it so easy to crank out stuff so fast?  I guess I should thank my typing teacher from sophomore year of high school 🙂

“Well, hello JimmyBoi!

Wow…I sure struck a nerve with somebody.

Obviously I have my own opinions and as expected, not everyone is gonna see things the way I see them. I guess it can be a bit threatening to have a strong female fitness professional who isn’t afraid to speak her mind out there “brainwashing” people, lol. I am happy that lots of people don’t agree with me. Again, I have never adhered to many of the “mainstream” views, therefore your comment rocks! Next thing I know, I’m gonna be called the “b-word,” which is actually quite amusing considering I’m the furthest thing from that. Oh well…

I don’t feel the need to name names because I am not a mud-slinger. What good would it do for me to name names? I wasn’t raised to do so, and I have always been the type to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have always been the type to see the good in everyone…this is why the blatant use of Internet “power” and the “I’ll kiss your butt if you help me out, yet I don’t really give a crap about you” type thing that goes on doesn’t sit well with me, and never will. There is nothing that I can do to change things, so there’s no sense wasting time stressin’ about it. All I can do is continue doing what I’m doing, which is awesome because if I am THIS fulfilled right now, and things are just barely starting to big-time snowball, wow…I really can’t imagine feeling more fulfilled with my career, but it’s happening. I am proud that I have 14 years behind me in the fitness industry. I am proud that I have busted my ass to make a name for myself. I am proud that I have a direct influence on the lives of the people I train, as well as those I have gotten to reach out to online. I am proud to say that I wake up each and every morning excited about my work and life. Not many people can truly say that.

If people want to be sellouts, they can do it. All I’m saying is that there ARE sellouts. The sellouts get so hacked when they are referred to as such…gee, I wonder why?! By all means, people should continue to sell out, because it makes those of us who are obviously better WAY more obvious to those who actually give a damn. Yet again, my “quality versus quantity” way of thinking sticks out like a sore thumb. Yet again I’m exposed as a “weirdo” because I actually choose to do things with quality being the driving force behind them.

I would like to see more people step up and do more with themselves than create more and more ridiculously DUMB “created for the supposedly stupid and brainless general public” information products just for the sake of making quick money. It’s disgusting. It’s no different than all the crap “buy now for only $19.95!” fitness gadgets you see in the wee hours of the morning on infomercials. Complete crap. I feel the people deserve better than crap. I feel people deserve better than that horrendously ridiculous $19.95 vibrating dumbbell that has been advertised recently. If you don’t agree with me, well, then I’m sorry your standards are lower than mine. I’m sorry that you try and convince yourself that stuff that’s not much different from a cheesy $19.95 exercise gadget (that bears much resemblance to a sex toy) is a killer way to make loads and loads of money…because, well…that’s obviously pretty hilarious and sad at the same time.

You don’t see types like JC Santana, Mike Boyle, Evan Osar, and Gary Grey producing crap, do you? No! They create stuff that I would venture to guess flies over the heads of most of the “sellout” types. Most of their stuff is geared towards other fitness professionals who actually thrive on providing outstanding service whose careers are based on a lot more than “hey, Jim Bob…this is how you get lean and ripped in 2 weeks…just send me three easy payments of your monthly salary and you’ll find out all the fantabulous secrets!” Yes, they do make a great deal of money by other streams of income than just working directly with people, but they have the reputations to back it up. Guys like Jason Ferruggia and Zach Even-Esh create stuff too (and Zach has his own Underground Strength cert now), but their passion lies in working with people. Obviously, a lot of people kiss these guys’ asses. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention Jimi Varner, a fitness professional who has worked 60 hour weeks directly with clients in a local sports club (gasp, the horror, right?!)  These guys know what they are doing and have found ways to create amazing businesses that are built on a foundation of what I would venture to guess would be thousands and thousands of hours of hard work WITH clients/athletes.

Yep, I’m obviously a complete idiot because I feel that a fitness professional’s life’s work should be based on working hands-on with clients. I must be a complete moron to think that not anyone and their dog could have the right to create “magical” fitness systems/programs! Hell, I might as well hand over a pad and pencil to my dog, Biskit, so he can churn out stuff that’s better than a lot of what I’ve seen online. Wait, he types better than he writes…plus he can type with all four paws, so…

And for the record, I don’t need any of “those types” to help me make money. I have enough help in that department. There are people out there who, if I so desired, I would contact if I needed a “boost” in my online presence & info product creation. To be honest, I probably will be hiring someone in the near future to help me with some projects. I would be stupid not to. I can, however, be selective and look past a lot of the “hype.” Again, not each and every guy who is out there with an online presence is a sellout. I thought I made that point clear already.

If you are THAT worried about the way I think, I’m guessing you may be one of ‘em, and what I wrote could be taken as a personal attack. To this I say “oh well,” because the world is made up of all kinds, and if we all did things the same way & were clones of each other, it would be pretty boring.

More people need to stand on their own two feet.

I am proud to say that the majority of my followers on Twitter aren’t fakes. The majority of those I interact with on a regular basis are fitness professionals who value what I have to say & share my values. I also interact with many fitness enthusiasts, runners, and triathletes (because I do work out, unlike lots of the “experts” who are out there). I guess I go against the grain because I’m actually on there to do more than just pimp myself out. Please do me a favor and un-follow me. Stalkers are creepy & I have more than enough of ‘em.



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