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Hey my beautiful readers!

Yes, I know…it’s been FOREVER, or so it seems, since i’ve written a new post!  Okay, so it’s been since last Thursday…I think…yeah, Thursday…no, i’m not losing my mind! 🙂

My brain and body are in a happy little state of fatigue thanks to a great day.

I realized that I hadn’t posted about last Thursday’s mini-mobility/core workout, so I will do that right now!

The Exercises:

Up/Down Dog Flow

Child’s Pose

Hi Plank with Knee to Outside of Elbow (lunge position) Stretch
Hi Plank with Knee to Inside of Elbow Stretch

Feet Wide, Hands on Floor with 1-Arm Reach to Ceiling (not sure what to call it, so there ya have it, lol)
Shift Across, Opposite Hand on Foot, Arm to Ceiling

Sliding Scapular Reaches using Valslide

Sliding Hi Plank Knee Drives (to Inside, to Opposite Elbow, to Outside, Sweep) using Valslide

Miniband Lateral and Forward/Backward Walks

Wave Squats

T-Roll on Elbows without Foot Pivot

Renegade Row + Scap Pushup & Slight Rotation

Now, these are just demonstrations of the exercises I did.  If you’re interested in specific reps/sets/etc, drop me a line.  I do online coaching and program design and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past 14 years.  If you’re wanting to know which exercises are best for you, and WHY i’m prescribing them for you, you need me! 😉  Remember, there’s always a reason behind every exercise.  Many trainers randomly pick exercise junk out of nowhere, throw it together, and call it a “workout.”  I say that’s lame.

Also…in the near future, you may just be seeing a NEW “Outside the Box” Training site, complete with an even better “members only” login page where you can access all sorts of great stuff.  I’ve been told that I give away too much for free, and I realize this.  This is just how I do things, but…I will be testing out a paid-access option for those who are interested.  This means more interaction with your’s truly, as well as individualized coaching.  You can get it for $895 a month!  Ready to sign up? 😉  Kidding, folks…well, kidding about the price!  It will be nowhere near that!  What do you think?  Do you think I give away too much info?  I, for one, can’t stand it when so-called “experts” claim they have “secrets” to this or that…I think it’s stupid!  More often than not, the “secrets” these fools are trying to make you believe you need are NOTHING NEW!  People appreciate the fact that i’m real and put it out there.  I don’t plan on losing this, as this is just the way I do things, but I do want to offer more if I can!  Stay tuned.

Also…stay tuned for my interview with The Biggest Loser’s Mike Morelli!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of Friday-Monday…workouts and fun!

Y’all rock!



14 responses

  1. Will you throw in a free set of steak knives for the first 50 signups? I hate the ‘secrets’ too! Like it’s nothing you couldn’t work out yourself with a bit of common sense, or read up somewhere else for free anyway…. not that I’ve ever paid to find out what these secrets are, maybe I really am missing out on something.

    You do give away a lot. There’s definitely money to be made, and time is precious. Be interesting to see what you decide.

    June 22, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    • Hey Anna!

      I got “Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques” in the mail yesterday! 🙂 Have yet to crack it open. I have no clients in the morning tomorrow (3 are out of town), so i’m gonna work out, and read! and blog more…lol
      You made me laugh! Not only will you get steak knives, but you’ll also get the super-chopper that slices and dices! 😀
      The “secrets” word makes me wanna hurl. It’s so cheesy and overplayed but apparently if you wanna make tons of money online, you use it…but I sure as hell ain’t goin’ that route. Call me naive, but I believe you can make an awesome living being HONEST and doing things with integrity…NOT by selling out and trying to appeal to the ignorant masses. My readers are intelligent and want top-notch info they can use immediately. That’s what I provide. I would venture to guess that I am one of the few blogs out there that gives away so much in terms of exercise videos, etc. Again, call me naive, because in doing this i’m obviously not following the pack…the pack being those who put a membership pricetag on their sites and then people sign up and realize it’s CRAP. I’m hoping that when I do offer a “price” for an optional membership, by this point people realize what i’m about, and that it’s worth it. To be honest, i’m so busy that it’s getting hard to provide content on a regular basis. It took me 17 minutes to shoot the vids on this latest post…then probably 4 min for each to edit, publish, and upload to YouTube…then write the post. I didn’t get paid a dime for any of that. Time is money. My time is extremely valuable to me. I make money doing what I do, although this isn’t my #1 goal…my #1 goal is to do what I love to do…I would do it for free, if I had the luxury of a better half taking care of me, etc…lol! 🙂

      So, to all those lame-ass crappy wannabe fitness professionals who provide horrendous content on “for pay” sites? Shame on you.

      It’s buyer beware, folks.

      Yours in Health,

      June 22, 2009 at 8:59 pm

      • I hope if i order NOW that super chopper will come with a maid to wash it up after – they look like a bitch to clean.

        On the odd occaision I have spare time, I publish a zine. Pay for it all myself. Sell it for $0 because I believe art should be free for all.

        I think exercises are free for all too. More knowledge = more power to the people. At the same time, when you give extensive personal time towards things, you need to get your boss to pay you for it 😉

        Let me know how the Pose Tri book is. I got the running book but didn’t finish it – got most of the drills and couldn’t wait so stopped reading and went running!

        June 23, 2009 at 5:22 am

        • LOL!!!!
          If I am ever at a point where I can throw in a maid for free…we’ll be taking my private jet to my own private island and sipping tropical drinks after a nice beach run! Sound good? 🙂

          Great point – exercise IS free & the more we put out there, the better informed people are. So why all the garbage that continues to be put out my so-so “experts”? I feel this creates what the public perceives to be “the way it is,” and that frankly ticks me off. I feel many people “dumb down” information to appeal to the masses, but shouldn’t we have more faith in people? Shouldn’t we try to challenge people to reach higher, get smarter, and do better? Or am I naive once again? Anyhow, i’m with you – information should be free and to claim one must pay an arm and a leg to get it is ridiculous…BUT…when you put your heart and soul behind it, and speak the truth, and it takes hours out of your day…you can’t keep doing it over and over again for free. Speaking of the word free, I can’t stand it. I give away a lot of stuff but I would never dare cheapen it by saying “I give away a ton of information for FREE!” Free is a 4-letter word and once you use it, I feel it stamps you with an “i’m cheap” label. People come to expect more and more of you for free, and in order to accomodate their wishes, you put out information that’s less valuable…

          Hmmmm…I think I just figured it out. I think I just cracked the code!

          In order to continue to churn out amazing content like I do, i’ll just get cheesier and cheesier with it…I mean, that’s what all the “experts” do, right?

          I’m gonna crack the book open a bit today and use some of the drills tomorrow with my run!

          You rock!
          Yours in Health,

          June 23, 2009 at 7:53 am

  2. Once again, great stuff, Sarah!
    You never cease to surprise me…I started scrolling down for the next vid and then the next and then the next and then the next and then…you get the idea.
    Terrific vids, Rip. Understand if you start a paid members only section…but I’ll miss this kinda stuff!

    Once again, you rock!

    June 22, 2009 at 9:14 pm

  3. Hey Fred!
    So what’s the answer?
    I spend a lot of time doing this and I love it and it’s worth it and i’ve met so many amazing people b/c of it. Part of me feels I need a little kickback in order to be able to create bigger and better things…like DVDs, manuals, etc…I can’t do this all on my own. It’s too time-consuming and if I was like most of the “i’ve got all the secrets so pay me $500 for crap” types, i’d pay someone and delegate tasks to them. Yeah, you read that right…people actually pay other people to write blog posts and create content for them.


    See how much I don’t agree with it?

    I would never do that, I just want to find a solution where i’m not losing touch with everyone, yet creating a passive stream of income that allows me to do more with my stuff. I feel limited at the moment. It’s just me, my laptop, desktop, and a Flip camcorder. I can burn DVDs, and probably will…i’m thinking that’s the best thing. I want to do a series aimed at personal trainers, giving “MY” slant on things…you see, there’s no right way or wrong way, in my opinion…there are rules and things we must go by, but the beauty of our profession lies in the ability of the professional to CREATE and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX in order to better service the client and create a legacy.

    So much to do…so little time.

    You’re the best!

    June 22, 2009 at 9:21 pm

  4. Tess

    I absolutely love reading your blogs and I do find them very creative and I love the insight you bring to it. That is you! I think that the thing you sell is yourself. Exercise is exercise, we’re not really re-inventing the wheel. Like you said I appreciate how real you are and that you are putting yourself out there.
    I always believe that when you do something you love and you are good at it the money comes naturally. I respect that you want to take this to new levels. I’m glad I was able to read it when you were blogging about Vegas and your adventures with your first tri.
    Btw, I just did my first sprint tri and within 24 hours signed up for 2 more, one being an olympic distance. I learned that you should almost over train for the swim because when that day comes you can prepare for the physical but not the mental strain that you may experience. Its best to be as comfortable as possible with that. Now I am no expert and I know you have tons of people around you, I’m just some girl who loves to workout offering you a thought. A book I’ve been reading to perfect my swim technique is called Total Immersion, its a ‘guidebook’ for tri swimming.
    Anyway good luck and I can’t express enough how much I enjoy reading your blogs.

    June 23, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    • Hi Tess!
      Thank you so much! 🙂 You are so right – exercise is exercise – what we can do is make things fun & be ourselves, which puts our own stamp on things! I figure if people don’t like me and/or don’t like what i’m doing, they don’t have to read my posts! I am so very happy to have found a community of like-minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts via my blog and Twitter. I don’t very much care for the “mainstream make a gazillion dollars promoting the same boring stuff” types which seem to have taken over the Internet & fitness industry. They can have all that stuff and i’ll call ’em like I see ’em…frauds!

      Congrats on your first tri! Did you have a blast? Well, you obviously did, because you signed up for 2 more! When is your next? I definitely feel i’m over-training for the swim, and am going to an open water clinic this Sunday, which should be interesting. You are exactly right about the importance of being comfortable in the water. If you don’t get a good breath, or snort some water, and freak out, that is BAD news. Or, if someone kicks you and you panic. I don’t want to do that. I want to be as prepared as possible! You know, I used to have “Total Immersion” but I believe I lent it out to one of my clients back in Texas and never got it back! I may have to order a new copy. I just got the “Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques,” but have yet to crack it open…I need more hours in the day!

      Thanks again and I look forward to bringing more good info your way!
      Yours in Health,

      June 25, 2009 at 2:02 pm

      • Tess

        I loved (LOVED) my first triathlon experience. I participated in a women’s sprint tri and found it so inspiring and empowering. I know I’m powerful but being able to complete one of these (even a shorter one) does something nice for your self-esteem!
        The next one is in August, its the Chicago Tri and its double the length of all the previous events. I’m so excited to say to people that its a HALF-ironman. How cool! Me?!
        I’ll have to check out that Pose Method book you mentioned.
        Thanks for asking and for the support!
        I’m going to an open water clinic this weekend as well.
        What distance is your event?
        You’re going to fall in love with it as well!
        All my best,

        June 26, 2009 at 7:35 pm

        • Hey Tess!
          I’m so excited! I know i’m gonna be hooked as well! I already have seen my self-esteem improve. I haven’t always had good self-esteem…always a work in progress. What i’m finding is that by having a goal, and working towards it, that’s the answer. I gotta do it! Yay for us! 🙂
          Half-Ironman?!!! Holy cow! You’re my hero! That is awesome! You’re gonna rock it! Make sure to keep me posted on your progress towards it so I can send good karma your way!
          The book looks amazing…I would crack it open right now but am in a carb coma…after the 5k this morning in the heat, and standing around for awards in the heat, I ate McDonald’s breakfast…yes, folks, I did…half a Deluxe Breakfast and almost all the pancakes…even got an extra order of pancakes but couldn’t stuff myself. Even drank the OJ! Carbo overload! LOL!
          Let me know how your open water clinic goes! I’m looking forward to mine tomorrow!
          My tri is Olympic distance…perhaps I should have tried a sprint first, but i’m thinking i’ll be okay! Happy, positive thoughts! It truly is a test of will…heck, the 5k this morning was a test of will towards the end…I had half a mile left and started speeding up and of course, breathing got sketchy…but I passed more guys and the teenager that was in front of me! 26:16 was the time, and my Garmin said 3.2 miles.

          I can’t wait til my bike gets here! WOOHOO!
          Hope you are having a great weekend!
          Yours in Health,

          June 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm

  5. I could see having a ‘guest post’ by someone else on your blog who is keen on a certain topic/issue that strikes the interest of your readership, but to basically pay someone to ‘act’ as you just doesn’t sit right in my mind.
    It seems to me its not much different than paying off a buddy in high school to write a paper for you that’s due in a day or 2 and you’re too lazy to do it. Suck it up, write your own stuff, and be ‘transparent’ as they say. I still think a lot of this ‘transparency’ stuff is just a cool buzzword to toss around to make it look like they actually are transparent. Well, in some ways, yes, I can see right through them and see the false hopes and promises they pledge just by sales copy alone.

    Off my soapbox…

    June 23, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    • Hey GPS-man Rick!!!! 🙂
      I am totally with you… The day I pay someone to write blog posts for me is the day I sell my soul to the devil. It’s preposterous yet people do it…& “high profile experts” nonetheless…go figure, right?!

      Yay for the underground! Rise up, we must!

      Yours in Health,

      June 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm

  6. DDRdiva

    What you need to do is start an OTB Certification. Have trainers pay you $5000 for a weekend of training, BOSU GH and calling each other “peeps”. 🙂

    I really like the business/training model of Ross Enamait ( Like you, he spends his time training people instead of jetting around to “make money fast” conventions, and his books (real books, not ebooks) are priced reasonably and crammed with great info. I think just a collection of your YouTube videos on DVD (maybe along with a manual on how to put them together into a workout, much like MTM) or a workalong workout DVD, would sell – I’d buy one! I don’t belong to any paid sites but that’s just me… I’m sure others would be interested. I’ve heard complaints about some paid sites that the owners don’t take care of their clients like they should, and I’m sure you would never be like that.

    Nice videos, and I’m looking forward to the interview!

    June 23, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    • Hey Sue!
      I think Ross is awesome and he’s the real deal…no fluff, just bare-bones training. I have a great deal of respect for him! I could most definitely create my own cert, since that seems to be en vogue these days. I wouldn’t hide a money-making scheme behind a facade of a legit cert, however. Why is this industry plagued with scheisters? I am determined to keep doing things MY way & not buy in to most of the crap that’s out there. Gotta run a business but one can do that AND be successful as long as their heart is in the right place. Sadly, most hearts aren’t in this industry at all…it’s all ’bout the Benjamins & easy way out. Any “expert” who claims they have the “easy” way to fat loss, muscle building, etc etc is FULL OF CRAP & should be written off! I disregard these types as they obviously are sellouts &/or just have no clue about exercise in general & are around to make quick money playing off people’s insecurities.

      Off soapbox…wine time. Busy day 🙂
      thanks for “gettin’ it”!!!

      June 24, 2009 at 6:15 pm

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