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-Friday’s Workout!-

Hey gang!

Quite a bit of video for you!  Yesterday was my strength-training day.  No running, no biking, no swimming.  I put together an awesome little workout to address: mobility, flexibility, glute activation, single-leg training, and core stabilization.

My body feels great!  I am being smart about my triathlon prep, and i’m having a blast with it!  It feels so gosh darn good to have a GOAL!  Eyes on the prize!

Here’s the workout:


  • SMR with Tiger Tail & foam roller: key areas = calves, left vastus lateralis insertion left rectus femoris/psoas, left piriformis
  • AIS Straight & Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch
  • 90/90 Stretch using foam roller to stabilize hips
  • 3D Dowel Hip Stretch (sagittal plane)
  • Quadruped T-Spine Rotation
  • Child’s Pose/Cat-Camel


  • Side-Lying Bent-Knee Hip Abduction: Main thing to remember on these is to keep soles of shoes aligned with spine, so in essence, take a “bridge start” position and roll on your side.  Keep hips stacked, glutes tight, and abs braced.  Don’t compensate by rolling backwards, trying to get more ROM!  This is counterproductive and you’re cheating!
  • Marching Bridges: Idea is to keep hips level while performing the “march.”  If hips rock or drop while you’re doing these, work on your basic bridges a little bit more!


  1. Turkish Get-Up: Key points – pinch scapulae prior to movement & “pack” shoulder; pull leg thru & emphasize ROM by opening-up the hip.  Just used 8kilos because my goal was total-body integration & hip mobility, not trying to wear myself out!
  2. Side Plank DB Reach to Snatch: This is a great little exercise that’s tougher than it looks!  Reach out as far as you can with the dumbbell, then “snatch” it up to a “T” position.  I’m using 6 lbs.


  1. KB Snatch to Windmill: I’ve said it numerous times, but I love windmills!  🙂  Using 12 kilos.
  2. Push-Up with Knee to Elbow: This is a tasty little pushup variation.  I chose it for the workout because of the cross-body pattern it incorporates.  Running is a cross-body movement.  Cross-body just makes sense.  Plus, these are really fun to do!


  1. SL Squat Touchdown to Overhead Press: Just a little tidbit about single-leg training.  Running is a single-leg activity.  It makes sense to throw some single-leg training into the mix!  Everyone should do exercises that emphasize this!  Notice that I bring my “free” leg up with each rep, keeping ankle and knee flexed.  Why do I do this, besides the fact that it looks good? lol  I feel it keeps things more “solid” & promotes total-body integrity.  In addition, the asymmetry created by having one hip in extension while the other is in flexion keeps the pelvis “happy,” as this position counteracts an anterior tilt!  I’m using a 9 pound dumbbell.  Sure, I could have gone heavier, but to be honest, I really don’t need to.
  2. Renegade Row: I prefer to keep my hips from rocking side-to-side while doing these, although I also do a few different variations that incorporate rotation.  Kept it strict this time, though, which means not a ton of weight.  You don’t do Renegade Rows to improve your pulling strength anyway, or at least I feel that way.  You do them for total-body integrity and (pardon the term) core stabilization.


  1. SL Squat + Hip Abduction: I like using a dowel rod for these b/c it encourages good posture!  Also, note the asymmetry created by hip flexion of the “free” leg.  As I stated earlier, this creates a posterior pelvic tilt (not excessive, of course) and thus provides a “happy” environment for the hips and low back.  Anterior pelvic tilts are very common, and it just makes sense to do whatever you can to fight ’em!  Also note the fact that when i’m standing on one leg with the other flexed at the hip, this “opens up” the hip, thus stretching the hip flexors on the standing leg and encouraging the glute to fire.  Good schtuff!  The hip abduction movement at the top of each rep gets the glutes firing and also improves mobility.
  2. DB Extend & Crunch: I’ve featured this nifty little exercise in a previous post.  I’m not a big fan of “crunch-type” movements, but this is a good one.  Yet again, notice anything?  You guessed it…asymmetrical leg position!  Ya catching my drift?  Really great on this exercise because the position keeps the low back happy, as the hips are kept from tilting forward (as they would more easily do if I was doing a reverse crunch, for example).  Keep ankle flexed and “push” thru the heel as you extend the leg.  This fires the glute and encourages the psoas to relax.  See how I LOVE exercises that multi-task?  This is how I can get a lot done in very little time!

I went through everything as shown in the videos.  Yep, I did one set of everything.  Why not two sets?  Because I didn’t feel it was necessary.  The entire workout took me 30 minutes and my body felt good.  You see, i’m not one to adhere to a specific rep/set scheme with my workouts or those I design for my clients.  I base things off how the workout “works.”  I typically do 2 sets of exercises, and my clients do 2-3 sets depending on their level, goals, etc.  My body likes 1-2 sets of things!  I can’t tell you the last time I did 3 sets of an exercise.  So, there ya have it.  Yeah, there may be exercise scientists and know-it-alls out there who may turn their nose up at this, saying I don’t know what the hell i’m talkin’ about, but I DO!  The proof is in the “product,” which is how one feels during and after a workout.  It would be counterproductive for me to be super-sore and crippled day-in and day-out.  Been there, done that, moved on.  Thank you very much!

Also, soundtrack for workout provided by The Crystal Method!  Album – Divided By Night!  Downloaded it the other day, thanks to @Nickman611!  I had forgotten about The Crystal Method, and was jazzed they have new stuff!


4 responses

  1. Great blog . Keep pushing 😉 and training

    June 13, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

      June 14, 2009 at 9:12 am

  2. DDRdiva

    Great post and great videos! Thanks for sharing.

    June 15, 2009 at 7:18 am

    • Thanks, Sue! 🙂

      June 15, 2009 at 11:46 am

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