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strechcordz-smWhat the heck does “5T” stand for, you ask?

Why, “Tuesday Thru Thursday Tri Training,” of course! 🙂

Here’s the recap of my “5T”!


PM Swim – easy workout – was supposed to swim 20 laps (200 yards), focus on relaxing & feeling more at home in the water.  I ended up swimming 22 laps b/c I second-guessed my counting, which took roughly 6:30.  Then I did 10 laps with the kickboard, which took roughly 17 minutes.


AM Run – 30 minute goal – ran 3 miles in 29 minutes.  It was 7:15am and already muggy outside, and come to find out, the heat index for that day was said to be 100!  There was ZERO breeze.  I worked on my running technique and breathing.  It’s really hard for me to not try and go too fast!  Gotta remind myself that “slow and steady wins the race,” even though I realize that there ain’t no “slow” triathlon winners!  Speaking of winning, my plan for the Austin Triatlon is NOT to win…it is to finish the damn thing & have a blast doing so!

PM Swim – 2 min work/1 min rest x 5  intervals with the tether (equals a little more than 100 yards each), followed by 10 laps (100 yards).  I had a GREAT swim!  I felt more relaxed, didn’t rush my stroke, and bilateral breathing is way easier already (because i’m turning my head on the left, yay!).  Also, my issue with my left arm crossing the midline of my body as I reach & pull has become less of an issue.  I can tell because i’m staying centered in the pool versus slowly drifting towards the right!  Once again, my friend Sheila is an awesome swim coach!  I feel like i’m becoming more efficient!  Eventually, we will go out to False River and i’ll do a distance swim…most likely in the early morning when there aren’t a lot of boats out yet.  This will get me used to the feeling of waves around me.  As long as the alligator gars stay away, i’m fine with this! :p


AM SMR/Yoga/Mobility work – 15 minutes, just wanted to loosen up a bit.  My right gastroc was a bit tight from yesterday’s run.  Worked on it with the foam roller and Tiger Tail.  Did an up/down dog flow sequence, cossack stretch, and 3D calf and hip work.

AM Walk 30 min with client – this doesn’t count as exercise, lol…and before you say anything like “why in the hell is Sarah getting paid to walk with a client?”…yet again, this specific client & her hubby (also my client) are redoing their kitchen, which means total chaos in the house.  There was a bunch of stuff stuck in the gym room, and the Porsche was in the garage, which left little room for workout space.  Just easier to go for a walk in the heat today.  I’ll get her back tomorrow, I promise! 😉  After we walked, I hopped on one of their bikes, which are both set up on trainers, for my…

PM Bike ride – 45 min- One of the bikes is hooked up to a computer, and the monitor is a flatscreen on the wall in front of the bike.  Really cool because you can choose different courses, including various Tour de France stages.  I didn’t use this bike, however, because the seat was too high and I didn’t feel like messing with it.  I put on my iPod and rode a steady 45 minutes.  It actually felt pretty good, despite the fact that I have zero butt-fat & wasn’t wearing the proper shorts.  Will be getting some asap!  It felt good to just ride and not have to worry about going fast.  I wasn’t lollygagging, don’t worry, but I got a feel for what was considered a “level I” pace, which was what my training plan suggested.

I am proud to say that i’ve been doing really well with my nutrition and hydration! 🙂

Right now, I feel quite brain-dead…time for a shower and a little relaxation!


2 responses

  1. Whoa. I just came from Laura’s blog and from the looks of things, you two are the busiest gals north AND south of the mason-dixon line!!!

    Nice chunk of workouts, Sarah! Love that you’re writing about YOUR training sessions…Great motivation…Make sure you schedule some “rest” time, ok? (Lookin’ out for ya!)


    PS: Thanks for the great image about having “zero-butt fat” (LOL) and not wearing bike shorts! 😉

    June 11, 2009 at 5:24 pm

  2. Hey Fredaroonie!
    I’m gonna have to go check out Laura’s latest post!
    Tomorrow’s an easy day…strength/core and maybe an easy swim…Saturday’s a longer swim. Monday’s are supposed to be rest days for me but I think i’m gonna take Sundays off. When I swim, it helps my friend/coach Sheila b/c she also gets in a workout!
    I ordered bike shorts today! Woohoo! I plan on getting a cool tri suit for the race…or maybe shorts and a top…we shall see!

    Yours in Health,

    June 11, 2009 at 5:35 pm

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