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-Monday’s Workouts!-

Triathlon-IntensityLGStarted the week off on the right foot, literally!


AM Run – 2 miles – 19:15

PM Run – 2 miles? – 18:15 (7 laps around field, each took ~2:15 & I stopped for a 10 sec drink after each; first lap was bigger b/c I went off the “path”; will take iPhone out there and let GPS figure the distance)

PM Swim – 600 yards total – tether swim for 1:45 x 5, then 100 yards (10 laps in pool) for 1:45, therefore, i’m averaging 1:45 for 100 yards right now.

Yesterday’s swim was intense.  Add to this the fact that I made the mistake of downing a 32 oz Powerade Zero prior to and during my PM run.  I didn’t think about it at all, and after my run I went to Sheila’s (aka my “coach”) house for my swim.  During my third 1:45 interval (goal was to do 2 minute intervals, but 1:45 seemed to be right for me yesterday), I started feeling the slice of Ezekiel toast and peanut butter i’d had around 3:30 come up a bit.  My fourth and fifth intervals were more relaxed, as I got more of a “feel” for being back in the water the more I swam yesterday.  Problem came when I got out of the water and sat on the edge for a bit.  I was timing Sheila’s intervals, as my training for this triathlon is helping my friends get back into shape! 🙂  When I went to stand up, my stomach had cramped up and my abs felt super tight.  Then I helped Karla do various calf mobility work, squats, and lunges.  Throughout this, I was in pain and kinda doubled-over.  I couldn’t stand up straight.  Sheila told me to go home and lay in a warm bath.  It helped.  I had consumed too many electrolytes too fast.  Lesson learned!

This evening, i’ll be doing more swimming.  It’s an easy day and I already feel like I need to be doing more, but my “coach” (aka Sheila) says I need to focus on relaxing in the water tonite.  She was a competitive swimmer, and has done triathlons in the past.  I will be doing laps instead of using the tether.  I am so excited because i’m already feeling more “at home” in the water!

You see, I practically grew up swimming.  I never swam competitively, but mom had us in “water babies” classes when we were babies…then we did swim lessons, and mom taught swim lessons.  Mom also did synchronized swimming!  Cool huh?  She also was a WSI (Water Safety Instructor) and one time we brought a few of the kid-dummies to our friends’ lakehouse.  Mom made us jump in the water and pull them to shore, then do CPR on them.  Yeah, mom was pretty cool…she still is!  Anyhow, I was a competitive springboard diver when I was 8-10 years old, then I was reunited with gymnastics.  My first job was lifeguarding the summer before my senior year in high school.  Talk about intense training, the lifeguard course was killer!  I remember having to dive down and pull up a hairy somewhat-overweight guy from the bottom of the pool.  We also had to tread water for 10 minutes while holding a 10-pound brick out of the water.  In college, there was a while where mom and I would meet several times a week to swim laps at the rec center.  Swimming rocks!

I know it’s pretty early on, but i’m most concerned with the swim training.  The biggest challenge for me at this point in time is relaxing and breathing properly.  I can breathe on my left and my right, but i’m more proficient on my right.  When I go to breathe on my left, I don’t roll my head enough.  Also, my left arm crosses the midline of my body when I reach and pull.  Gotta keep it out wider!  I tell ya, without Sheila helping me, I would have NO clue and not already be feeling so empowered!  A work in progress!

Also, i’m really lucky to have such an amazing support team!  I have my “coach,” along with another friend who does road races.  On top of this, I have friends helping me cook on Sundays in preparation for the week.  They are making sure i’m properly fueled!  I have friends near and far who are helping and who will be at the race.  Yay!

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