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-In-Home Training is FUN!-

I could write a gazillion posts regarding the 14 years i’ve spent as a Personal Trainer.  I could write about all kinds of stuff…tons and tons of stories from working in gyms.  Now and then, I really should write about some funny memories.  I kinda have, but…add this to the list of ideas!

Anyhow, I’ve been working with clients since May of 1995.  I started working with clients in their homes in 1999.  I was able to make this the focus of my business almost four years ago, and i’ve never regretted it.  

Why do I love working with clients in their homes?

First off, I work for myself.  I am one of those types who simply doesn’t like being told what to do.  I have never been a sheep that follows the herd, therefore, being my own boss allows me to call the shots & take all the risks I want.  I love it!  

Secondly, i’ve become well-established in a niche that really never seems to be filled.  There are tons of gyms here in Baton Rouge, and a ton of trainers.  I feel that to the general public, “gym trainers” are one in the same.  There’s really no presumed difference, therefore when someone goes to hire a “gym trainer,” they typically choose who they are given.  They don’t shop around.  The difference between “gym trainers” and myself?  Well, there are several, but for the purposes of this point, when a potential client contacts me, I handle everything.  There isn’t a “training director” passing along the potential client’s number to me.  I make contact from the first second, and I feel this gives me an advantage.

Third, I know that i’m providing top-notch service AND i’m helping my clients make regular exercise possible because I make it convenient!  Seriously, it’s not at all uncommon for clients to greet me at the door with their cup of coffee, having woken up 10 minutes before my arrival!  If they were going to meet a trainer at a gym, they’d have to tack on 30-60 minutes of “travel time” to their one-hour or half-hour session!  When you think about the convenience aspect of having me come to you, it makes all the hassle of going to a gym seem a bit crazy!  Here in Baton Rouge, the traffic is horrendous…I should know, because i’m out in it here and there…but fortunately am able to avoid the “rush hour” craziness!

Anyways…as I said before, i’ll be writing about this subject more often.  I feel i’m pretty well-equipped to offer my insights regarding the ins & outs of in-home personal training to other trainers, as well as give those of you who exercise at home a few ideas!

Here’s “Sarah’s In-Home Innovation” for today:

*2x thru this circuit took my client roughly 10 minutes!

Warm-Up Around the Pool

What You Need:

  1. Rectangular pool (or mark off a rectangle with cones; just make sure there’s room to move!)
  2. Your body!

What You Do:

  1. Jog down length of pool
  2. Side Lunge/Shift/Skip across end of pool, facing water
  3. Jog length of other side
  4. Side Lunge/Shift/Skip to come back to start, facing away from water
  5. Walking Lunges length of pool
  6. Lateral Shuffle across end of pool (facing water), go across & back, then across
  7. Walking Lunges length of other side
  8. Lateral Shuffle across, back, across, returning to start
  9. A Skip length of pool
  10. Lateral Sumo Squat across end of pool
  11. A Skip length of other side
  12. Lateral Sumo Squat back to start

One response

  1. Terrific post, “Rip”!

    I’m excited! This is exactly the kind of stuff I need to read/hear about! (Were you reading my mind from about 1,000 miles away? Scary!)

    Looking forward to more and more!

    May 30, 2009 at 9:41 am

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