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Hey y’all!

Okay, my brain, as you already know, is in Vegas…i’m not there yet, but my brain apparently flew there on it’s own a few days ago!

This post has nothing to do with working out…it has to do with dogs…but dogs have a lot to do with our health!  A gazillion dog owners can’t be wrong – dogs make us laugh and smile…they offer us unconditional love, and if they are anything like my dog, Biskit, they are in tune with our emotions.  Also, dogs, for the most part, are active!  They love to move!  Crazy, huh?

I could get really deep in talking about dogs, so let me just say this:

Like i’ve said before about children, we can learn a lot from dogs.  Dogs are just themselves.  They don’t put on airs or try and be anything more than what they are.  They trust their gut instincts and live life to the fullest (unless they are in a not-so-good environment, which I won’t go into b/c that kinda thing makes me sad).  I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.  Never have, never will!

Earlier today, I was training one of my clients.  We did most of the workout near the pool, because it was nice outside.  Every now and then, we’d throw Eli, the yellow Lab, a treat!  He loves to swim and makes some funny noises!  Prior to swimming, he’d gone for a four-mile walk!  He’s got energy!  The second clip of Eli is funny because you can see Marianne, my client, hooked up in my belt/band contraption.  She had been doing resisted lateral shuffles, backpedaling, and broad jumps!

I got home and decided, since i’m going out of town tomorrow, that I should give in and let Biskit have this chirping Easter chick he’s been obsessed with for the past week.  I didn’t want to let him destroy it, I just wanted to let him play with it a little bit.  As you can see, he was EXCITED!

So…there ya have it…dogs!

I MAY blog again this afternoon about something fitness-related…so much I wanna write about, BUT…trying to fully convert from “work mode” to “play mode”! 🙂

Yours in Health,



One response

  1. Hey Sarah!
    Man, you are one relentless trainer! You even make your client’s dogs workout! 🙂

    Nice post! Always fun watching dogs do what they do!

    Have fun in Vegas!

    May 22, 2009 at 9:17 pm

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