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-Boot Camp Is Rockin’!-

Lunge & Rotate!

Lunge & Rotate!

This past Thursday should have been the final workout for this “edition” of Boot Camp but we will wrap it up tomorrow (Monday) to make up for last Monday’s rainout!

This past Thursday’s workout was fun!

We went through the same dynamic warm-up sequence we did on Tuesday, which is a butt-kicker in itself!

I threw in the “box drill from hell” again…by request!  Each of the bootcampers spent 30 minutes in the box this time.

Gate swings!

Gate swings!

We did a lot of Superband work, step-ups, and worked on the Turkish Get-Up!  🙂

Tomorrow, we’ll hit it hard!  The group is really starting to notice some great changes!

After tomorrow, we’ll pick back up on Monday, June 1.

If you are interested in being part of Baton Rouge’s BEST group fitness experience, visit for more information on registering!


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