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-Lightning = NO Bootcamp!-

When the bad stuff really started to hit!

When the bad stuff really started to hit!

This evening was a first…

The first cancelled workout for this round of Boot Camp!

One of my campers actually emailed me around 3:00 asking if we were still working out…she included the forecast.  She knew what was coming.

My theory…which may change a bit after today, lol…”heck yes!”  I figured if it was raining, we’d work out under the gazebo like we did before.  If it was lightning, we’d get the hell out of Dodge!  Apparently the forecast was right, and it hit when it was supposed to hit, and it was pretty bad.  I figured, “who really knows, let’s just plan on working out.” 🙂

So…no Boot Camp workout tonite.  I’m back at home with a glass of merlot, working on workouts for clients tomorrow and brainstorming on a few different projects.  Still haven’t turned on the TV.  I have a problem paying attention to TV these days.  I guess that’s a good thing?

Yes, folks…this is your blog post for today.  I know, I know…not that exciting, that is, unless you’re into weather!  Kinda crazy considering I watched part of “Twister” yesterday in my Benadryl-induced haze.  I will refrain from enlightening y’all about my newly-acquired food allergies, lol!  Anyhow, I may write up another post later this evening.  I have a ton of video footage from today’s workout as well as more from last week.  I am debating whether or not I should feature a goofy video of my mad dancing skills from this past weekend.  I also have one of me attempting to do a one-and-one-half off the diving board…wasn’t too shabby for not having done so in oh, roughly 21 years!  Proof that being in shape makes life more fun!

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