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-Bootcamp: Wrappin’ Up Week III!-

Baton Rouge Bootcamp's Offical Mascot...Biskit!

Baton Rouge Bootcamp's Offical Mascot...Biskit!

Thursday’s workout marked the end of Week III for this round of Boot Camp!

Three weeks ALREADY?

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun! 🙂

Yet another great workout!  Lisa suggested we work out in a shady area, so we did…and i’m glad we did!  These ladies worked hard!  They always work hard, but I threw a lot of stuff at ’em for this workout!

We warmed up with an Indian Run, and the group made their own path around the grassy area.  When Kristi was in the lead, there was kinda this snake-like path going on, as she took it upon herself to shake the ladies up a bit with some zig-zagging!  Good stuff!

Lunge, Kristi, lunge!

Lunge, Kristi, lunge!

Two fun-filled 5-minute circuits followed, each using the speed ladders and hurdles.

I think most of the campers were calling me bad names as they zig-zagged, lunged, jumped, and shuffled…that’s a compliment, guys!  Thanks! 😀

Demonstrating broad jumps!

Demonstrating broad jumps! Kinda looks like i'm riding an imaginary carousel horse! LOL!

The group has now figured out that when I describe an exercise or workout as “fun,” that means it’s fun for ME to watch as they plow through it!

Thanks, campers, for having awesome attitudes and not whining!

I don’t tolerate whiners!

Go ladies, go!

Go ladies, go!

I’m happy to say that most of this group will be back for the next round of Boot Camp, which starts up on Monday, June 1…the day before my birthday!

Tabatas are a BLAST!

Tabatas are a BLAST!

After the circuits, we went through two different Tabata sequences using dumbbells and medicine balls.  Hit each sequence twice!

One of the sequences included an exercise I will now call “Dance Fever”, thanks to this funny bunch!

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