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-Boot Camp Starts Week 3!-

bc-ap-27-6Week 3 is in full effect!

Just one more week to go with this round of Boot Camp, then it’s a short break, and we start again!

If you are wanting to join what is already becoming Baton Rouge’s BEST fitness experience, visit!

Last night’s workout turned out to be a doozy!  I had planned on rain, but it cleared up, therefore I veered somewhat from the original workout plan.

We warmed up with some active stretching using the Superbands.

After this, I set up and explained the first little circuit, and divided the group into 2 halves.  While half of the group was using the Superbands, the other half was doing kettlebell/bodyweight drills.

Circuit I: Superband Group

  1. Superband Power March
  2. Superband Alternating Lunge
  3. Superband Resisted Running

Circuit I: Kettlebell/Bodyweight Group

  1. KB Sumo Deadlift
  2. Hindu Squats
  3. KB Swing

We completed two rounds of these circuits, and on the 2nd round, we subbed-in resisted running, squat to rows, and more resisted running for the Superband drills (the first group of exercises just wasn’t hard enough)! 🙂

Next up on the hitlist, I brought out my Sparq hurles and set them up in a line.  I set them to 6-inch height.  In a fashion similar to how the group went through the speed ladders last Thursday, I had them do four drills for a minute each.

  1. Run-Thru
  2. Lateral Run-Thru
  3. Jump Over
  4. Lateral Jump Over

Taking advantage of the fact that we were using a big square of concrete (the grass was really wet), I brought out the ropes.  I hadn’t planned on using them last night, but figured “why not”? I had the campers stay in the same groups.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Rope Double Wave
  2. Hurdle Run-Thru
  3. MB Woodchop

One round of that, then a round of:

  1. Rope Alternating Wave
  2. Hurdle Lateral Run-Thru
  3. MB Rotations

The group was sufficiently sweaty and tired, so it was time for core and cool-down!

2 rounds of:

  1. Dead Bugs
  2. Plank + Hip Swivel

Then, I showed the ladies how to do  Turkish Get-Up (Tammy mentioned this exercise, so I just HAD to show them)!  After this, I had them try a set of Get-Up Sit-Ups, and they were each amazed they could do them!

Way to go, bootcampers!

My iPhone says it’s not gonna be raining this evening, so that means another workout with unlimited possibilities!

2 responses

  1. Sounds like a really nice workout. I likes..

    May 5, 2009 at 8:36 am

    • Thanks, Shawn!
      They seem to be doing well with intervals of 30 sec work/15 sec rest. I just got back from a feeble attempt at doing sprints and stuff…it was only 9:45ish and already hot and muggy…ugh…bootcampers are gonna be hating me tonite if it stays like this!
      Happy Cinco!

      May 5, 2009 at 9:21 am

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