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-The “Pool Cleaning” Workout Pt. I!-

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time (and expended a ton of energy) helping my friends get the pool ready for the summer!

As we were busting our butts, it became apparent to me, yet again, that the main reason I love manual labor is the fact that it’s the complete opposite of laziness.  I abhor laziness.  Lazy people irk the crap out me.  I have been known to fire lazy clients!  Laziness is a disease, and i’m grateful I was raised with a strong work ethic!

There is simply no way you can be lazy while performing pool cleaning duty! 🙂

Saturday, my first role was “muck bucket lifter and dumper”.  One of my friends was at the bottom of the pool shoveling the muck and dumping it in buckets.  We had a rope on a clamp which clipped onto each bucket.  My job was to stand at the edge of the deep end and hand-over-hand pull the heavy muck buckets to the top, pick them up, and dump them into garbage bags.  We did this for at least an hour, and had quite a system going!  My calves, arms, lats, and low back got a workout!  Once again, my hip mobility and bulletproof knees came in handy, as I was the one who got to scoop the crap out of the drain.  I can squat “ass to grass,” so I was able to get down low and become even more well-acquainted with the scum!

My second role was “pressure washer”.  I love the pressure washer!  I think mainly because I feel like such a badass when I wield it!

Sunday was more pressure washing fun, along with my bright idea to apply the bleach stuff to the ring around the top of the pool, then scrub it with a big long-handled brush.  I was standing along the edge, making sure to keep a low center of gravity (toppling headfirst into an empty pool would not be a good thing).  Brushing up and down KILLS your triceps!  I am so sore today!  It did help, though, so it was worth it!  

So…I came up with the crazy little idea to concoct a “pool cleaning” workout.  There will be more info to come on this, but here’s my first exercise, inspired by my “bucket of muck pulling” from Saturday.

Also, in the video i’m using 60 lbs of kettlebell weight…NOT 30!  I’m entitled to at least one blonde moment a day!


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