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-Being A Couch Potato HURTS!-


I wanna be doing these again soon...

Since Sunday, i’ve been layed-up on the couch sick with the flu.  Sunday was the worst.  I’m looking forward to feeling less out-of-it tomorrow…and hopefully Thursday when I leave for Florida, i’ll be almost-back-to-normal!

My mom always said that she could tell when I didn’t feel well as a kid because I got quiet.  Same thing applies today, along with the fact that when I don’t feel well, i’m able to lay around and watch TV.  Normally i’m working on at least three things on my laptop while attempting to catch up on one of my few favorite shows in the background…and I typically can’t tell you what happened on the show!


Being sick is the pits.  We all know this.  

It’s also a pain in the back!  How anyone can lay around the house all day watching TV is beyond me.  Sunday consisted of laying around…so did yesterday, after I got home from the Doctor.  Today, however, I got up and felt better…no more fever, and that “ready to tackle the gazillion things I need to get done” feeling was overwhelming me.  Once I started moving around, however, I felt extremely feeble.  It was as if my back had locked up.  I’ve thrown my back out before, and this wasn’t the same thing…but more like a “why the hell haven’t you been moving around, you dingaling?!” kinda thing.  My body was not happy with me!  It was all I could do to take Biskit out to potty, and I spent most of that time clutching my lower back as I had him on the leash.

pirifSolution?  Well, i’m supposed to be taking it easy right now, so I opted for the foam roller.  Let me tell you, my left hip/glute…more specifically my left piriformis and TFL were INSANELY painful to roll out!  Normally, I can tolerate a considerable amount of pain…and foam rolling, to me, isn’t pain…it’s more of a discomfort.  Well, this morning, it was PAIN!  I had to work into the tight areas very carefully, and to be honest, I felt relief just from a little bit of rolling!

Today, i’ve been sitting on the couch as opposed to laying on it…okay, so now i’m in some of a recumbent position…but i’m worn out!  For most of the day i’ve been working on my laptop, trying to finish my Ebook.  I’ve sat with a pillow supporting my lumbar spine, which definitely helps.  Think about it – when you lay back on thecouch, what happens to your spine?  It gets all jacked up!

Main point to drive home?  Being a couch potato HURTS!  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t relish “being lazy” quite the way most do.  Now, if we’re talking relaxing in a hot tub with cocktails and good friends, that’s a completely different thing.  Laying on the couch for hours on end watching the boob tube?  You can have it, because i’m pretty much done with it!




2 responses

  1. MikeVB

    I’ve noticed big changes since I’ve gotten an office job (and lazy). I never used to get random pains like I do now. Having my lower back hurt on the drive home has been enough motivation for me to get back in the active habit.
    lol, and I used to think I was saving my joints by being less active.

    Have a speedy recovery 🙂

    April 15, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    • Hey Mike!

      It’s true! Being sedentary (whether it’s by choice or b/c of work) hurts! Kudos to you for getting back into the active lifestyle! With your office job, you’ll probably need to stretch those hip flexors, strengthen your glutes, stretch your chest and anterior delts, strengthen your upper back, and work on overall conditioning. Your body will thank you!
      Thanks for the get well wishes!
      Yours in Health,

      April 15, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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