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-Sarah’s Mini KB Workout!-




Oh Jillian, you inspired me!  lol!  Actually, you really do…you inspire me to be a BETTER trainer.  ‘Nuff said!

In honor of Jillian Michaels…here’s a great kettlebell mini-workout I came up with on the fly:

Warmup with Dowel:

  1. 3D Hip Stretch
  2. Orbits
  3. OH Squats
  4. Staggered Hip Hinge + Rotation
  5. RDLs

Kettlebell Circuit: rest only as long as needed between exercises…that means MINIMAL! 🙂

  1. 16kilo Swings x 20
  2. 12kilo Cleans x 10 ea
  3. 8kilo C&P x 10 ea
  4. 8kilo Snatches x 10 ea
  5. 12kilo Snatches x 5 ea

I repeated this circuit 3x!  

There ya have it…a pretty basic, yet intense little kettlebell workout!  If you haven’t gotten it by now, i’m not a big fan of long drawn-out workouts.  I keep my workouts brief and intense.  It works better for me – I stay lean, i’m not drained, and I feel better overall!


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