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-Praise For My MTM Workouts!-

mtmI haven’t released MTM 1.0 yet, but I have had one of my online rockstar clients be the “guinea pig” for one of the workouts.  I have created workouts for three levels, and I had her try out the Level 3 bodyweight/band workout today!  Here’s what she said:

“All I can say is…Wow.  I just completed the level 3 workout and boy, was I worked out.  I love the way you’re using bands to their full potential, not just standard squats, curls and overhead presses.  I feel like your methods are getting me stronger in ways that traditional strength training never did, at the extent of my reach especially.  Great for catching a leaping two year old who has no fear, doing yard work or helping my husband haul wood. All this while keeping my rotator cuff on the healing track.  You’re the best!”

Just a reminder – if you’re a subscriber, you’ll be getting a FREE copy!

Stay tuned, folks…the launch date is getting close! 🙂


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