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Utah got a bath yesterday!

Utah got a bath yesterday!

Hey gang!  


I love interacting with you guys, so this post is all about YOU!

I wanna know a few things:

  1. What your current workouts are like.  What do you do?  How often do you exercise?
  2. What have you done in the past?  Have you tried different workout programs that didn’t deliver?  Have you overdone your workouts (ie: the New Year’s resolution phenomenon) because you were overzealous?  Are you confused about how to put together a well-rounded, effective program?
  3. Have you worked with a trainer before?  If so, how was the experience?  Good?  Bad?  Why?
  4. What kinds of exercises/programs are you interested in trying?
  5. What kinds of activities are you training for?  Do you participate in a sport, or would you like to?  Do you perform tons of yard work, or would you like to be able to do more?  


A prime example of "training for life"...there WAS a fallen fig tree here...but I took care of it! :)

A prime example of "training for life"...there WAS a fallen fig tree here...but I took care of it! 🙂

The reason i’m asking these questions is because everyone’s workouts should have a PURPOSE.  We are all training for LIFE.  Training for life means keeping your body in shape so you can tackle the things you wanna do!  Training for life means training smarter, not harder.  


“Training for life is an ongoing process of learning, moving, and improving!” – Sarah E. Rippel

You don’t have to answer ALL of these questions…just what you feel like contributing!  I have really been enjoying getting to know many of you, and your opinions and input matter to me!  I appreciate you guys!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Yours in Health,


PS – “Outside the Box” is almost to 10,000 hits!!!!!!!!! 🙂


20 responses

  1. Paul

    1. I use a sandbag, calisthenics, isometrics, kettlebell (looking to pick up a 24kg soon), medicine ball, the park (soon to be replaced by a power tower), sledgehammer, and a tire to workout. I workout 5 days a week.
    2. I have been consistent for about 6-7 months now. As of last week I started following the program outlined by Ross in his book “Never Gymless”.
    3. No, I have not worked with a trainer.
    4. Bodyweight exercises.
    5. I train because I enjoy it, want to become stronger, and improve health all around.

    April 5, 2009 at 11:30 am

    • Thanks for responding, Paul!
      I am excited because my MTM 1.0 Ebook (that you and fellow subscribers) will receive soon is the tip of the iceberg to a much-larger project i’ll be working on. This first Ebook focuses on bodyweight/band exercises, so hopefully you’ll pick up a few new ideas! I have two workouts to write up and email to online clients right now, and then i’m getting back to work on MTM. I plan on getting it done this week and y’all will be the first to receive it!

      Also, I dig your reasons for training! 🙂

      April 5, 2009 at 11:48 am

      • Paul

        Looking forward to reading it!

        April 5, 2009 at 2:07 pm

        • Yes yes!!!!!! I am excited/nervous (in a good way) b/c i’m such a perfectionist! 😀

          April 5, 2009 at 3:03 pm

  2. What your current workouts are like.
    What do you do?
    3 days a week full body workouts, HIIT workouts 3x a week, steady state cardio 2x.

    How often do you exercise?
    Everyday, except Sunday (occassionally)

    What have you done in the past?
    Everything from body part splits, EDT, Waterbury, German Volume, Body-for-Life, etc…

    Have you tried different workout programs that didn’t deliver?
    No, each program delivered some sort of results.

    Have you overdone your workouts (ie: the New Year’s resolution phenomenon) because you were overzealous?
    Yes, haven’t we all… but quickly fizzled out.

    Are you confused about how to put together a well-rounded, effective program?
    No, but like everyone, I am probably biased.

    Have you worked with a trainer before?

    If so, how was the experience? Good? Bad? Why?

    What kinds of exercises/programs are you interested in trying?
    Kettlebells, ropes, bands, things not found in a commercial gym.

    What kinds of activities are you training for?
    Beach Body, overall health

    Do you participate in a sport, or would you like to?
    No sports

    Do you perform tons of yard work, or would you like to be able to do more?
    I hate yard work, and I would like to do LESS….but it ain’t happening!

    April 5, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    • Hey Jimi!
      Okay, since you’re a fellow fitness professional, I think it’s only fair if I answer my questions as well! Also, i’m excited for you to get a rope eventually…and try kettlebells! Did you get your XVest yet? How’s the weather these days? Warming up yet?

      Okay…here are my answers!
      1. What your current workouts are like. What do you do?
      I am eternally my best guinea pig! 🙂 I mix it up, perhaps at times a bit too much, because I get excited and HATE doing the same things…but, it’s worked well for me. This past week, I ran 20 min MWF and shot a ton of exercise video clips, so I basically trained my entire body throughout the week. I also wielded the pole saw yesterday and woman-handled a fallen fig tree, amongst other tasks!

      2. How often do you exercise?
      Preferably M-F, but has been hit or miss the past couple of months…no excuse other than being busy, which ISN’T an excuse! I have managed to fit in a workout 3x/week despite this, though. I keep em short and sweet and it works for me!

      3. What have you done in the past?
      Wow…the typical bodybuilding split – Monday = Chest, Tuesday = Quads, Wed=Back, Thurs=Hams/Calves, Fri=Arms/Shoulders. I overtrained for most of my weight training career! I have a Pilates certification so for a while I tried to get into using the Reformer, but it bored the crap out of me. Discovering “functional training” brought new life to my workouts and physique. So did kettlebells. Waaaay back in the day, when I was an anorexic HS senior, I used the Cindy Crawford workout tapes…they kicked my as*! I also used to lap-swim and loved it. Great for the entire body…boy, I would get done and be beat! I also got hooked on running for a while and did several 5k’s. Running long distances is NOT my thing. I also worked out with a few powerlifters back in the day…so I got exposed to some different training techniques and strongman training. I also took Muay Thai kickboxing for a month years ago, and fell in love with it! I had to stop b/c my schedule got too busy (couldn’t fit it around the class times). I would love to get back into it!

      4. Have you tried different workout programs that didn’t deliver?
      Hmmmm…I think my overdoing things sabotaged me many times in the past when it comes to workouts…my body was in an eternal overtrained state. I should write a book on how NOT to work out…okay, add that to the list of ideas! 😀

      5. Have you overdone your workouts (ie: the New Year’s resolution phenomenon) because you were overzealous?
      See answer above! I am slightly OCD and ADD and used to be exercise bulimic. Overzealous was my life when it came to working out…the “more is better” mentality…bad stuff! I lived in constant pain, had tendonitis in every joint, and just assumed that’s how I was meant to be. Oh, and I was a raging b*tch most of the time b/c I was starving! Nice!

      6. Are you confused about how to put together a well-rounded, effective program?
      No, but like Jimi said, I am somewhat biased because I feel my methods work, and therefore everyone should try em! 😀

      7. Have you worked with a trainer before?
      Yes. When I was a senior in HS and mom agreed to let me join a gym. I got “3 free workouts” with my membership. My trainer set me up on a basic machine/DB routine…upper body on day 1, legs on the next.

      8. If so, how was the experience? Good? Bad? Why?
      Good! I was immediately hooked…in a not-so-good way at first b/c it became an addiction, but I eventually “saw” myself as I was (89 lbs at the time) and realized I needed to change. Although I was exercise bulimic for years and years after that pivotal moment, I wasn’t trying to starve myself to death anymore. Anyhow, working with a trainer got me on the right track from day 1, and also, the gym at the time was small and I got to know the staff. They knew my name and greeted me when I walked in the door. For someone who was extremely self-conscious and “lost” at the time, this made a BIG difference!

      9. What kinds of exercises/programs are you interested in trying?
      Scott Sonnon’s CST (Circular Strength Training), which is a certification i’m really interested in, incorporating clubbells and yoga.

      10. What kinds of activities are you training for?
      ditto Jimi – beach body…I have friends who have a pool, and i’m there almost every day during the summer it seems, lol. These days, I train to feel good…not to look good…it’s awesome b/c my methods keep me “looking good” (and i’m not saying that in any way shape or form of arrogance)! It’s funny how when you stop fighting your body, it begins to thank you for exercise, versus rebelling b/c you overdo it.

      11. Do you participate in a sport, or would you like to?
      Right now, no. I was supposed to get back into soccer last month but that fell thru. That is always a possibility tho. In the past, i’ve played soccer and women’s football. Yep, you read that right, women’s football! I was a gymnast and springboard diver as a child. I also took dance. If I had to pick a sport these days, aside from soccer it would be tennis. I go mess around with a friend every now and then and we have fun. I want to learn to surf! I love skiing/snowboarding/wakeboarding and wish I could do these more often! I live in the wrong part of the country!

      12. Do you perform tons of yard work, or would you like to be able to do more?
      I for some reason LOVE yard work, and my friends are grateful! I view it as a necessary evil, and something that helps my friends out (when most people will say they are “busy” and not offer to help. I don’t mind it at all, and really wish I could help get that huge fallen tree (the one covered in ivy that I whacked away at back in the fall) out of there. It’s gonna take $ to get that done, and it seems ridiculous because all it would take is a little hard work…but alas, we are allergic!

      April 5, 2009 at 3:39 pm

  3. Debbie

    I was a die-hard runner in the 70s and now trying to put on muscle and weight , unlike most women my age. I discovered kettlebells and love them which got me into bodyweight exercises recently, so I should love your Ebook! I have a nice selection of Spri tubing (xertubes, xerings, ultra toners, all resistances)–will they do?

    I have always loved to exercise so no problem with motivation. I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol and found I really need cardio to keep it normal. Also bone density has always been an issue, but it’s improved over the years. So I’m looking for strength and cardio sessions (kettlebells seem perfect).

    No problem with flexibility and have done yoga for ever. Looking to try combining martial arts with yoga just to make it interesting (trying Budokon, challenging!)

    Yes, I’m training for life. I want to get through any hormonal shifts I may have without meds or going nuts! Thanks for listening Sarah!

    April 5, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    • Hola Debbie!
      I dig your response! 🙂
      I feel more women would benefit from kettlebell training…and from weight training in general. More specifically, kettlebells don’t bulk you up, and you are lifting some serious poundage. Not this “women should only lift 3 pound weights” garbage from Madonna’s trainer-of-the-moment. That kinda BS is ridiculous and does nothing to help us professionals get the TRUTH out. ARGH! Anyhow…Spri bands are good ones, and they should work for most of the exercises in my Ebook. I have a few that require a Superband b/c it’s placed around the waist for various locomotor drills, but we’ll figure something out. I just showed a friend/client a few such exercises this afternoon, in fact, and she was immediately hooked! She’s already ordered a Superband!

      Exercise is medicine! You have made some really good points and i’m happy that you love to exercise! We all know that we NEED to exercise, but for way too many, this isn’t a strong enough reason.

      April 5, 2009 at 3:47 pm

  4. 1-2) Run 5-6 days a week 7 – 35km depending on day and what races I’m training for. Resistance training 0 – 3 times a week. Usually body weight exercises, high intensity, tabata type stuff. I have worked out in a gym twice(!) although I did enjoy it and would like to find the time to go more.

    Tried heaps of programs but rarely stick to anything (other than running). There are sooo many exercises that are so much fun, and there is sooo much I wanna work on that I can’t stick to one program. Every workout is different. Not good coz I don’t get better at much, but at least I’m not bored?

    Overzealous? Always. Overtrained? Injured? No recovery? uh huh….

    3) Yep, it worked out well but I didn’t agree with his food ideas. He was from a bodybuilding background, which is great because I never did weight training, but I couldn’t do his bb diet – as soon as I stopped training with him I went vegan!

    4) Kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, crossfit, calisthenetics, bootcamp, I would like to run a marathon in a decent time (weird distance for me – can’t pace myself right)

    5) Training to run ultras, and also recently now training for more well rounded fitness (incl strength + flexiblity) so I can work in the fitness industry and really fit the part.

    Training for life too, but I feel I am capable of that now. If only there were more hours to sleep and recover from life!

    Love reading your blog with your exercise ideas. The trouble is now I have so many ideas to incorporate in a workout that there’s too much to choose, I forget some of the best and I don’t have time to do it all!

    April 5, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    • Hey Anna!

      I still haven’t ordered my Five Fingers! Shame on me! 😦

      On the subject of overtraining/recovery, what do you typically do after a long run? Long distance running is somewhat foreign to me because the most i’ve ever done at a time is 5-6 miles. I just can’t do it, lol…not that I haven’t tried, my body just hates it! So, as i’ve said before, i’m in awe of y’all who can do it! Do you have any nagging injuries and/or tight areas? I know you know what to do, i’m just asking because maybe i’ll have a suggestion or two that could help!

      I may be picking your brain soon about veganism. I mentioned this last night to two friends and they seemed worried that i’d not be healthy if I did so. I know there are smart ways of doing it, and you just have to know what you’re doing. For years and years i’ve really thought about not eating meat, and yeah, training for so long bodybuilding-style didn’t seem to fit with it. I am just such a big-hearted animal lover and although i’ve never been in a fight, i’d be waaaay more liable to get into one if I saw someone hurting an animal. Same thing goes for kids and the elderly. People can be so heartless and selfish and if I think about it too much, it hurts my heart. 😦 Ramble ramble ramble…

      Here’s my main goal with putting my book together – I want to give people solid programming utilizing “my style” of training. I feature exercises on here all the time, but you gotta know when and how to apply the exercises! I’m glad you mentioned that there’s too much to choose from, because I think you’ll appreciate how I break things down and keep it as simple as possible when it comes to putting workouts together. This used to be an overwhelming thing for me, so I completely understand! I used to spend hours and hours every night before bed writing up workouts for clients the next day. I overthought things waaaay too much. With a lot of the exercises I use, I “multitask,” meaning i’m accomplishing several things with one exercise (ie – mobility along with scapular stabilization). When you utilize these “big bang” exercises, you get a lot more from your workouts! This first book, as i’ve said earlier in responses to this post’s comments, is focusing on bodyweight and band exercises. I wanted to keep it simple and see what people thought! Also, I really, really love bodyweight training, and i’m sure i’ll be expanding on this!

      Thanks for bein’ a loyal reader! I’m here to help ya with any questions you might have as you walk the path of a fitness professional!

      April 6, 2009 at 8:53 am

      • After a long run I just eat lots!! Lots of fresh fruit and vege for those antioxidants. I usually wait a while after til I stretch – it doesn’t feel right to stretch when your legs are shaking and you are struggling to keep yourself upright. I have had achillies tendonopathy in 1 leg for nearly a year now but that is caused by a combo of so many things which I am gradually fixing. Constant tight hams + calves is a problem and I know I need to stop ‘hoping’ I get around to doing more flexibility training and just do it! I don’t know what I was thinking a few years ago when one day I woke up and decided I didn’t need to stretch any more!

        Actually the main reason I cut out animal products is I just can’t digest that much protein. Even if I eat a lentil dish (which I think is similar in protein to eating a steak), my body just doesn’t agree with it. I also got sick putting in big miles and not eating enough vitamins and minerals which are obviously packed in fruit and vege. It has not been until recently that I considered the animal and environmental ethics of it. It’s like recyling – most of us choose to do it because we know it is better. If I have the option to make a choice more kind to the environment then I will take it. The bonus is no cholesterol, and lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers! Awesome!

        Can’t wait for your ebook!!! I am pretty confident designing a workout, but like I said, there are so many cool things I wanna do, some many exciting ideas, so many different ways to implement it that I just wanna do it all… and now! One day I will get some resistance bands and then it will be a Christmas workout every day! Like you, I like to ‘multitask’ my workouts, although I usually have a general goal (hello arm muscles!). I am really finding it great having a more balanced exercise program and I can’t wait to see a bunch of your ideas neatly packaged! It is great for me and also my future clients as I intend to focus on outdoor training sessions.

        April 6, 2009 at 5:50 pm

        • Well, i’ll do all I can to encourage you to emphasize that stretching! I know it’s not the most fun, but it’s a necessary evil! I have issues with my left hip/low back, therefore if I don’t stay on top of my stretching and hip mobility work, i’m in pain.

          I wish more people would pay attention to the responses different foods cause in their bodies. I feel a lot of us are allergic to various foods, yet many just keep eating despite how crappy it makes them feel.

          Multitasking is the way to go! I love it when I help a client progress to a point where we can start doing more “fun” exercises! What I hope to do is show people that there are progressions to work up to the more advanced movements, and in order to get there, you must “do your time” focusing on the basics!

          April 7, 2009 at 12:07 pm

  5. Hi.
    I train six days a week, but different types: one day I do compound lifts (5 x 5), another day I do complexes with a barbell (like Cosgrove’s) and another day doing chest and back. On these days, I end off with a few high speed rope jumps. Two days a week, I run intervals with a trainer and a group. These are bad. One last day, I do TT style floor workouts AND an hour’s kickboxing class.
    I rest once a week. Recently, I put up a pull-up bar at home, and I am earning my dinner carbs (esp. if any grains are involved) by doing 10 minutes under the bar.
    I do exercise for fat loss, strength, looking good, feeling good, and now, because I want to have the power to change my body the way I want it. In short, I exercise because I love it (have been a couch potato all my life).
    I tried individual workouts (biceps/tri/shoulders/back days) but changed it all to make it simple and compound (you know what I mean).
    I would like to try: kettlebells, Circular Strength Training (I love Adam’s videos), rope training, and some more…
    I want to start swimming, but I need to learn that… bummer!
    My reading has cleared my mind up: I could design a workout myself, though I work under a trainer (and he is good). No confusion!

    April 5, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    • Hey Rambodoc!

      Thanks for chimin’ in! I’m feeling lazy just reading your weekly routine, so in a little bit i’m going for a run! 🙂 It’s awesome to hear from yet another person who loves to exercise! Yay! Let’s show the couch potatoes who’s boss, and that this stuff really isn’t THAT bad! I wish I had a partner to run sprints with – it’s a lot more motivating that way! I actually have a client who likes having me do them with her b/c it makes her run faster. It sounds like you have a really solid, well-rounded program set up!

      Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about CST from me. I talked with Adam a while back about learning more about the cert. I need to touch base with him. Seems like a really nice, genuine, helpful guy, and i’m with you – his videos are great! Have you tried his quad squat?

      Never too late to learn to swim! Actually, starting off with a kickboard and some fins would probably be fun for you! You zoom through the water and fry your legs! My mom was a swimmer and a WSI (Water Safety Instructor) when I was growing up, so swimming was second nature to us. In fact, I was in the “water babies” class when I was itty bitty…where they throw the babies into the water, etc (that sounds really bad, but it’s not, I promise!). Pretty cool stuff because babies have the natural response of holding their breath prior to going underwater.

      Great to have you here!

      April 6, 2009 at 8:38 am

  6. DDRdiva

    What I’m doing now – kind of a mishmash; I recently discovered Mark Verstegen’s workouts on cable tv and I’m playing with those (lots of stability ball and dumbbells) as well as exergames (DDR, Active Life Outdoor Challenge, Wii Sports, We Cheer), kettlebells, bands and bodyweight. I sometimes go to a local community center to work out – they have a nice set of dumbbells, med balls, bands, a track and a back yard in addition to the usual machines.
    What I’ve done in the past – exercise videos and DVDs (not so much anymore); been doing DDR since 2004 and lost 50 pounds since having last baby; Crossfit (can no longer afford it); Ross Enamait (love his books but I have to modify greatly); rollerblading and cycling.
    Programs that didn’t deliver – workout videos kept me fit and were fun, but didn’t really take off weight; I was stuck at around size 14 until I started playing DDR and the fat just flew off, yay! I tried NROL for Women which is fine if you have all the equipment AND the time; I couldn’t stick with it.
    Trainers – the only ones I’ve worked with were 2 different Crossfit instructors. I thought they were very good, in terms of giving me personal attention and answering my questions.
    What I’m interested in trying – anything I can! I would love to try rock climbing. I did a lot of sailing in college, and used to ski until I got married. Total pipe dream: become a cheerleader! I guess my goals right now are to keep the old “middle age spread” at bay and have enough energy to keep up with the kids and do yard work. Thanks for asking, and congrats on your 10,000 hits 🙂

    April 5, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    • Hey Sue!
      You’re in the same boat with most of it here, it sounds like! I think we are all enthusiastic about exercise and therefore want to try anything and everything! 🙂 Verstegen has a solid program. I got Core Performance years ago when it came out and appreciated how he broke down what could be pretty confusing, scientific stuff we trainers love to talk about, into simple concepts everyone can understand and apply.

      There’s DDR for Wii, right? I just may have to get it. I completely stunk at the arcade version, i’ll have you know! I’m coordinated but I don’t do well with people watching me while i’m doin’ stuff like that. Maybe in the confines of my own home I can become a DDR champ! Who knows? I play a pretty mean Guitar Hero these days! lol

      I’m curious to hear more about Crossfit. We can talk about this later. When I first learned about CF, I thought it looked awesome. What drew me was the intensity and the focus on hard work. I also liked the group factor, as I find this is motivating for lots of people. My questions have more to do with safety and lack of programming. I personally feel I would kick as* at CF workouts and have an advantage b/c I know how to do the exercises the right way. This may be a disadvantage, because in order to crank out max reps your form must break down a bit. I dunno. I am not one to glorify puking, however, lol!

      Anyhow…you need to find a rock climbing gym! I worked with a client years ago who was a climber. Really cool because the approach I took with her workouts was a lot different than that of the “typical” exerciser.

      Thanks for chimin’ in!!!!!! 🙂

      April 6, 2009 at 8:29 am

  7. Kirin

    Alright, my responses are slightly embarrassing compared to everyone else, but it’s good that you know your widely varied audience members! So here goes…..
    1) I workout a few times a week, at best. I walk the neighborhood or hike/bike trail nearby, do the CoreRhythms DVD (yes it’s cheesy but totally fun), go to a ballet class, or 30 min on our elipical machine. I try to do tricep exercises twice a day when I brush my teeth because I’m scared my arms will look like my mothers – ie fleshy and soft.
    2) In the past I was really good about going to the gym. I had a trainer who held me more accountable. I’ve also had great luck with Bikram yoga and I love the way I feel afterwards. But with so little time for myself and so much to get done, it’s hard to put that kind of time into it. (I know, I know, prioritize, gotta work for it, no magic wand, blah blah blah…)
    I would love to have a well rounded program that can be worked into my day or be done while the kiddo plays on the floor or something. It’s hard to devote a large time block because I just don’t have many of those…
    3) I have worked with a trainer and overall it was a good experience. He held me accountable for results which is really more what I need. (Now, unfortunately, I can’t afford one or I’d probably go that route again.) But he didn’t vary the routine all that much and I’m pretty sure most of his clients were doing the same stuff. Not much personalization…but this was at a Big Box Gym so my expectations weren’t all that high! : )
    4) Kind of touched on that in #2. I’m up for trying almost anything though I do need pretty quick results otherwise I lose motivation. It definitely needs to be something than can be done at home with little “overhead”, which is why I love your blog! As a former dancer, lengthening and strengthening are the name of the game. I still have muscle-y ballet legs, they’re just a lot softer now! But since having the baby, I also have a pudgy middle, which was never a problem area before.
    5) I just want to feel confident and comfortable in my body. Sarah, you know from experience that being so totally aware of your body size and shape can be really detrimental to your self-esteem. Once I stopped staring at myself in a leotard and tights for hours on end, I realized that I’m not as huge as I though I was…but there’s still that lingering demon! To me it’s more about being healthy, setting a good example for my son to see exercise and activity as part of everyday life (not sedentary video games and tv), and not being afraid of shorts and sleeveless shirts!

    As I’ve said before I love your blog and even have my husband reading it now! He’s much better at working out on a regular basis than I am. Thanks for all the great tips and advice!! BTW your booty shorts are quite motivating – the elastic doesn’t seem to cut into your thighs like mine does : )

    April 8, 2009 at 10:37 am

    • Hey Kirin!
      Before I start writing, I just had to make the point of saying that Kirin shares her name with a beer, and I share my last name (although misspelled) with a cheap wine! Kirin and I have known eachother since we were, wow…six years old, or thereabouts? Wow. She used to give me piggyback rides all the time…yes, it’s nice being the shortest in the class! Anyhow… 🙂

      I’m happy ya chimed in, K! I’m thinking you are gonna get a big kick out of the MTM Ebook, for several reasons: it’s bodyweight and bands, it’s straightforward, and it’s not time-consuming! As a dancer, you’ll have no problemo with pretty much any exercise! I wish I could train you! I love working with dancers and former athletes! Y’all “get” exercises right off the bat and have amazing body control! Makes my job easier!

      Body image sucks, and for some of us it’s more of an issue than for others…BUT…it can be improved! I can honestly say that mine really stopped being an issue when I #1 started loving myself better, and #2 stopped “fighting” my body. It’s crazy how the body fights back if you’re too hard on it. It really does, and i’m living proof! Once I stopped over-exercising and dieting, my body was happier. It did take some time to come to a balance, but nowadays i’m peachy-keen and am thankful to have my health and am injury-free! It’s about that time of year where it’s pretty weather…i’m sure you are taking Enzo out in his stroller for some good walks! You should get one of those awesome jogging strollers! If I ever have a baby, i’m getting one!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a reader and for getting your hubby on here too! That’s awesome! On another subject, Facebook is awesome…i’m so happy i’ve found you and a ton of other childhood friends on there! It’s great! 🙂 And thank you…i’ll be sporting more booty shorts more often! FYI I got the black ones at Target last week…they are comfy and fit really well! You should go check ’em out! They have a ton of cute workout stuff right now! I went crazy in there!

      Have a great evening!

      April 8, 2009 at 5:17 pm

  8. Sergio

    What your current workouts are like. What do you do?

    > So I am not alone with tendonitis everywhere? I am 41 and after a 20 year lay-off from anything remotely related to fitness I am pleased to say I have been training for 15 months straight. Being an “old-school” bodybuilder with many old injuries, I have evolved my training to more multi-joint/functional work. I don’t do too much isolation work anymore. Mainly I do push-ups, renegade rows, scaption, front squat and deadlifts. Bad shoulder and bad knees force me away from much isolation stuff. None the less, the big movements make me feel strong. I also do HITT cardio about 2 – 4X per week.

    How often do you exercise?
    >Cardio 2 – 4 x per week, wieghts 2 – 3x per week.

    What have you done in the past?
    > I used to do typical bodybuilding workouts. I do love them. However , they really wear out my joints. Now I do no more than 4 – 5 heavy sets per major body part and live to fight another day.

    Have you tried different workout programs that didn’t deliver?
    > HITT cardio seems to be a much better bang for the buck for fat loss. Long duration cardio is BORING.

    Have you overdone your workouts (ie: the New Year’s resolution phenomenon) because you were overzealous?
    I am “Mr Exaggeration.” I overdo everything.

    Are you confused about how to put together a well-rounded, effective program?
    > Not any more.

    Have you worked with a trainer before? If so, how was the experience? Good? Bad? Why?

    > Yes. I trained recently with a trainer/coach specializing in functional training. Boy did it open up my mind. I learned that 1) machines suck. 2) most of my stabilizing muscles were dormant and not firing properly 3) Don’t weight train with inch-think running shoes… your feet need be in contact with the floor… use your toes to stabilize… know where your feet are.

    What kinds of exercises/programs are you interested in trying?

    Once I get past some current shoulder issues, I want to continue to expand my “relearning” of the bigger lifts (snatch, cleans, etc…). LOVE kettlebells!!!

    I will go back to my trainer when I am ready for them.

    What kinds of activities are you training for?
    I want to achieve my RKC certification within the next year. I will seek an RKC trainer in the future.

    Do you participate in a sport, or would you like to?

    >I would like to try some power lifting perhaps or even wieghtlifting. But it must be RAW (no belt) and drug free. I am happy with the consolation prize of a T-shirt. Just showing up and setting a good example for my 7 year old daughter and having some pictures to prove I was there it is prize enough for this former “fat slob” turned “pretty healthy and strong looking dude.”

    Do you perform tons of yard work, or would you like to be able to do more?

    > Nope. We sub that work out the the friendly Mexican fellow that does the neighbors. An nah… better off spending my free time coaching my daughter at Soccer, Softball, or whatever scholarship potential sports are out there. Now that’s a goal… pre-paid college. BTW, her name is Sarah too and the little bugger has a six pack since she was born. Dad does not but has sent out a search party looking for it.

    April 8, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    • Hi Sergio!!!!

      I enjoyed reading your response! Thank you for chimin’ in! 🙂 Great to have you here! It sounds like you and I have some things in common…it may seem like I “knock” bodybuilding now and then, but to be perfectly honest, it was my passion for quite a long time, and it got me healthier in the sense that I began to want to get stronger and take better care of my body. Along with that, of course, comes (like you said) the tendonitis and overuse injuries b/c of the high reps and isolation exercises. I used to LOVE training biceps! I loved doing heavy barbell curls, drop sets, 21’s, you name it. Elbows hated it! I am happy to hear you have moved into more of a functional, integrated focus with your workouts. Kettlebells definitely fit into that! Keep me posted on your journey to the RKC certification. It sounds like you would make an excellent instructor, having “been there, done that” as I have, and learning to adopt a more well-rounded approach to fitness. It It also sounds like you’re an excellent role model for your daughter (great name, by the way)! Kids LOVE to move! It’s up to us adults to make sure they continue to move and play, versus take that away b/c of our own laziness/excuses. Kudos to you!

      Yours in Health,

      April 9, 2009 at 1:43 pm

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