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-Boot Camp Starts April 20!-

photo-7Here’s a BIG announcement!  Many of you already know about the Boot Camp launch, and I have already had a bunch of inquiries!  Good news – registration is officially open!


The price goes up Wednesday, April 1, so sign up NOW to take advantage of the special!

photo-5I’ll be heading-up the workouts, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I have so many awesome workout ideas in store for my bootcampers!  If you haven’t gotten to use “battling ropes” for cardio yet, you will!  If you’re not sure what i’m talking about, check out my video HERE.  We’ll be working hard and having a blast!

Registration is limited!

We will be working out M/T/Th at the LSU lakes!

Biskit and I made a little trip over to the LSU lakes to check out the bootcamp “training grounds.”  I haven’t been over there since the renovations.  First thing I noticed?  The parking lot is HUGE!  Parking should be no problem.  There is a lot of room and tons of options for exercises!  🙂  The restrooms are still there, which is a good thing!

I am in the process of planning out the four weeks of workouts for the first group, and it’s so exciting!  Baton Rouge isn’t gonna know what hit it!

Thanks for the exercise, mom!

Thanks for the exercise, mom!

Biskit and I took advantage of the perfect weather and ran for 20 minutes.  After this, he was beat and wanted to play in the water with the geese!  Yet again, I was reminded of just how important pets are to many of us.  The simplest act of taking Biskit for a run made his day! 🙂  The routine is for me to say “wanna go for a walk?” and he immediately starts bouncing around, so excited and ready to go!  We pile in the car and he’s helping me drive, lol.  We start running and he’s rarin’ to go for a while, then will get sidetracked here and there and need to stop to pee.  Gotta love our companions!  Anyone who has a dog has NO excuse not to get some exercise!  If not for your sake, then for that of your best friend!  As i’m sitting here typing this, I believe Biskit is upstairs snoozin’!

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