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-“Thinking Outside the Box”: Trainer Success-

For a good while, there really was no direction Personal Trainers were given business-wise.  You got your certification and (in some cases) your degree and trained people.  You weren’t sure how to go about marketing yourself and/or growing your business.

burst_get-rich-nowThen the tide turned and the trend started…the trend of programs and systems being developed and presented to trainers with the goal of improving their businesses.  Nowadays, you can’t go two minutes without stumbling across information regarding this…on the Internet, in industry-related publications, and via “regular” mail.   

I do see the value in hiring someone who obviously knows what they are doing when it comes to Internet marketing for Personal Trainers.  I will most likely be seeking out someone to assist me with this one day, but believe me, i’m gonna be extremely selective.   There are also a few Fitness Professionals who don’t have their own “business growth” systems, but I feel I could greatly benefit from consulting with them.

“I am all for people being successful with their businesses. I just see things a bit differently, I guess, and perhaps with time and as I get more involved in the Internet marketing stuff, i’ll realize i’ve been wrong about a lot of things. I’m eternally learning, and eternally exposing my viewpoints, which I admit at times are misguided. That’s why i’m here. I want to be proven wrong when it comes to this stuff! I want to not feel guilty for trying to grow my business and realize that in order to do so, I must bite the bullet and ask for help. Why do I feel guilty at times for trying to make more money? Sounds stupid huh? Well, I feel a lot of it has to do with seeing so many other fitness professionals out there “doing their thing,” and becoming well-known, and to me it’s a bit scary because I don’t wanna sell out. Not saying everyone out there makin’ it big is a sellout. I really do think it’s possible though…to make it big without selling out.

Kudos to those at the top who are entrepreneurially-minded (is that a word?), opportunistic, and can keep reaching higher levels because of their status. You can learn a thing or two from these types.  People use other people to get to the top. That’s how the world works. It is VERY hard for me to “rub shoulders” with other fitness professionals to this day because I have always just tried to do things on my own. I HATE asking for help, but I know my reasons to are genuine and that’s why i’m happy to be able to speak my mind here. That speaks volumes because it hasn’t been difficult, and I have gotten to know a few great guys. We are all driven to do bigger and better things, and make more money. We all are trying to “play the game” to a certain degree, I just have an obviously naive perspective on it! 


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  1. Than there is the whole “roll your sleeves up” and do it yourself approach. I did it! And I didn’t buy into anyone’s system and I still kick ass at training. I didn’t “give it up” and decide to become a multi millionaire. You would think, if they were so filthy rich..why do they continue to make more and more products? Why are n’t they taking multiple international vacations, going skiing, or going on Egyptian tours? Thats what the millionaires I work with do!
    Wanna know why? Because they are getting by just like me and you. They are in a different income bracket, but they are not more comfortable they you and I “in our bracket.”
    Stay tuff Sara

    March 2, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    • Hey John!

      Thanks for commenting! I always love your input! You walk your talk, and refuse to sell out…and you’re not afraid to ruffle a few feathers here and there! You are most definitely the guy I was referring to when I made the comment about consulting someone who doesn’t market themselves as a business guy! Maybe you figured that out? 🙂 You have a ton of experience and as you said, you’ve proven that your success has been because of YOU. I have always been so focused on making a name for myself BY MYSELF, so it’s cool knowing i’m not alone. The majority rule seems to be to find the quickest route to success by skipping years of in-the-trenches experience, and become an Internet expert…just pay $5000 for “system X” and we reveal all the “secrets!” Anyhow, you of all people could easily hop on this bandwagon but you refuse to become a “former trainer turned glued-to-the-computer” type, and I commend you for that! You don’t have an affiliate program for pimping out your DVDs. You bust your ass day in and day out and love every minute of it. This speaks volumes!

      I will put out an info product. It’s time. Like you, it’s not a question of making a DVD or manual for the sake of making one. It’s a question of producing one that I feel is worth it’s weight in gold to my customers. It’s a question of putting my name on something I feel 120% proud of. It’s a question of creating something I feel is done by “Sarah standards.”

      I do know that I need some business help. I have learned a TON on my own. I have made so many mistakes, it’s unreal…but you know as well as I do that mistakes are how you learn! I also know that there’s not much more that someone can TELL me than I don’t already know. Now, if we’re talking promotions and stuff, yes, there’s stuff someone can DO for me (ie revamping website, creating a member-access page, etc). I feel that if and when I hire someone to help a sista out, I need them to help me put the ideas into action.

      Thanks for your $0.02, as always, John!

      March 2, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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