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-Everybody Do The Inchworm!-

If you’ve trained with me, chances are you’ve done Inchworms.  I don’t have everyone do ’em, but those who are “lucky” enough have a love/hate relationship with ’em!  The Inchworm is a great drill to improve flexibility in the hams, calves, and low back. It’s also great for core and shoulder stabilization. I like to throw in an “up dog” prior to walking the feet. This stretches out the anterior delts, rectus ab, and anterior hip! 

  1. Start in pushup position, then drop hips and look up into upward dog. 
  2. Raise hips to ceiling without rounding your low back.  Imagine something pulling you up by the hips! 
  3. Once in down dog position, walk your feet towards your hands by moving ONLY at hips and ankles! 
  4. Pause at the top position, keeping legs straight.  Push your heels into the ground, then walk your hands forward.  
  5. Repeat for 2-4 more reps.

    2 responses

    1. JMJ

      Yep, love the inchworm! Great for total body, especially the hams and lower back! A staple in my dynamic warm-up for sure. I like your version of adding the “updog” I’ll give it a shot. I only have a handful of clients that can perform the inchworm, but they love it as well!

      February 19, 2009 at 11:18 am

      • Inchworms feel good! 🙂 I throw the “up dog” in there b/c in addition to really stretching the anterior hip, it reinforces the curve of the lumbar spine…and lots of people need some of that!

        February 19, 2009 at 12:08 pm

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