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-A Firsthand Account of the In-Home Training Advantage-

This may sound funny coming from me…I mean, I have vids on YouTube and like to do workouts outdoors…but today was a prime example of why I can understand, from a client’s perspective, the desire to exercise at home.

It’s another gorgeous, sunny day today…65 degrees or so.  I wanted to take advantage of this, and also let Biskit get a little workout, so I decided to take him to the soccer fields for a jog.  I also figured I could do a few exercises myself, as he’s happy to lay in the grass with his leash tied to a soccer goal.  In addition, I wanted to shoot a couple of exercise vid clips because one of my online training clients had a few questions about different exercises.

So…I pull up to the fields.  In the parking lot is a dude in a Terminix Truck.  I see he’s eating a sandwich…I guess some people eat their lunch while staring at the soccer fields?  I dunno.  No biggie.  I gather my stuff, get Biskit out of the car, and walk to the furthest field from the guy, which is next to the library.  There’s a parking lot there, and as i’m putting on my cleats I notice there’s a truck sitting there with his lights on.  Just sitting there, like the Terminix dude.  I tried not to think about it, but I started feeling like I was being watched.  Call me hypersensitive if you want, all I wanted to do was get in a good workout and clear my mind.  I have a lot going on right now with work, and it’s been difficult sticking with a regular workout routine.  I needed to be able to work out some built-up energy!  It doesn’t help when there is an “audience.”  After four laps around the field, the truck is still there.  I give Biskit some water and notice a red car had pulled right up to the fence with someone in it.  Just sitting there.  I fixed Biskit’s leash and tied him up to the goal, got out my Flip camcorder and tripod, and started setting things up.  Once that was all done, I look over again and now there’s a white car parked at the fence with someone in it.  Do people just come sit in the library parking lot and watch people on the soccer fields?  I was the only person out there.  It was really beginning to creep me out but I told myself I was being silly and started doing some mobility drills.  After about five minutes of that, I was over it.  I packed up my stuff and walked towards my car, thinking I could do some stuff over on one of those fields…glance to my left and there’s another parked car with someone just sitting in it, twiddling their thumbs.  Do these people work?  I mean, come on?  Yeah, I know I was out there at 1:15, but i’m a Personal Trainer…I have a different schedule…I typically have a gap around lunchtime.  I figured there wouldn’t be anyone around at this time of day, and I liked that thought.

I wasn’t wearing anything exciting either, so apparently perverts like soccer cleats, soccer shorts, and white tank tops?  I dunno.

Anyways, I was frustrated.  I got in my car, changed shoes, and left.  Yeah, I know, most people wouldn’t care about this kinda thing but it really got to me today.  I don’t want to work out with strangers watching me.  Yes, I know I was in a public place and that stuff is gonna happen, but it creeped me out. 😦

So…I came home and went through some kettlebell Tabata rounds, and felt better.

A few weeks ago, I was at the park shooting some exercise vid clips, and lo and behold…this dude had parked his truck and was talking on his phone.  He was walking around the parking lot, leaning on his truck, all the while carrying on a conversation.  Eventually, he comes walking across the tennis court, making a path near where I was, which was a covered area with picnic tables.  There are restrooms in the building.  He had to have seen my camcorder…it was obvious it was sitting there, and I was doing something…but no, he had to walk clear up to where I was and ruin the shot.  I stopped doing what I was doing and waited for him to get out of the bathroom, thinking he’d just walk back to his truck.  I was wrong…he walked a little bit, and at this time was yelling at whoever was on the phone.  He stopped, turned around, still yelling, and stared at me.  This is all on video.  Finally, he continues to yell and curse and starts walking towards his truck.  I started exercising again, with the dingaling in the background.  Fortunately at that point I was close to being done.

Just me in rant mode…but there’s a point to it, and that is the fact that I can completely understand why many people feel more comfortable working out at home.  Maybe i’ve been out of the “gym scene” for too long.  Maybe I just wish people were different.  I exercise for ME.  I don’t exercise to put on a show or give anyone a cheap thrill.  I exercise to keep my body healthy, and stay in shape because, after all, i’m a Fitness Professional and serve as a role model for my clients.  It would be pretty bad if I were out of shape and trying to tell people how to be healthy.  Anyhow, one day i’ll have a house with a big backyard, and can go to town back there! 🙂  Until then, i’ll make do with doing my thing and trying to disregard the freakos!


4 responses

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  3. Mel

    You think you are bad or sensitive. I would not have stuck around at all and left as soon as I would have seen the cars with people just sitting there watching. In the gym this is to be expected, outdoors we seem to be expecting perverts and all sorts behind every corner.

    February 17, 2009 at 11:31 am

    • It’s crazy! I was telling myself I was being silly but let’s face it…some of us don’t like putting on a show, lol…I know other people wouldn’t have cared less, but i’m not other people! 🙂

      February 17, 2009 at 1:36 pm

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