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Just a quick post, but I wanted to make sure that you knew WHY you should be a subscriber!

Subscribers have access to the “Subscriber Specials” page.  It is password-protected and I publish some good stuff there!  I will be adding new features soon!

I realized the other night that some of you may have subscribed via RSS or Google Reader or another source.  This is great!  Thanks for subscribing!

What I also realized is that I am unable to let you guys know the “secret code” to the “Subscriber Specials” page because I don’t have your email addresses!  

What’s my suggestion?  If you want to receive more than blog updates, sign up for email updates!  I do not spam and you will only receive emails notifying you of updates to my blog and the “Subscriber Specials” page.

Thanks again, y’all, for taking the time to listen to what I have to say!  I appreciate your comments and suggestions!  Feel free to leave them as much as you want – I will respond! 🙂

Yours in Health,

Sarah E. Rippel


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