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-Ready for a Whoopin’?-

I wanted to share some of the “fun” from this morning!  It’s a gorgeous day today, so I took advantage of this and trained one of my clients outside.  She has a looooong driveway, so this came in very handy for all we did!

I will have the entire workout posted on my “Subscriber Specials” page soon, so if you’re not a subscriber, enter your email at the upper right-hand side of this page (below the Art of Strength logo) and you’ll gain access!

Here’s one round from the metabolic workout:

  1. Speed Ladder: 2-In: 1 minute (run straight through ladder, placing 2 feet in each box; pump arms, keep chest up, and land on balls of feet)
  2. Rope: Alternating Waves/Assisted Squats: 1 minute (when reach fatigue with undulations, switch to squats, and alternate these two movements for time)
  3. Jog down driveway/Sprint back: 2 times
  4. MB Woodchops: 30 seconds (touch ground with each rep)
  5. MB Pivot Rotations: 30 seconds

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