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-Give the “Triple Threat” a Try!-

The stability ball “Triple Threat” is a combination of three exercises that challenge stabilization and emphasize hip extension.  I learned of this exercise from JC Santana, who is a very respected fitness professional, entrepreneur, author, and presenter.  

The Triple Threat consists of bent-knee extensions, leg curls, and straight-leg extensions.  The movements are done back to back with no rest in between.  The challenge is to keep your body as stable as possible while performing each rep.  Your hips shouldn’t sag, the ball shouldn’t roll side to side, and your low back shouldn’t take over in performing hip extension.  Keep your ankles flexed, your toes pointing straight up at the ceiling, and glutes tight.  Just like with any exercise, you’re going to get more out of this if you do it with strict form!  Sure, you could eke out your reps with sloppy form, but what good is that gonna do?  All that does is perpetuate poor movement patterns and it won’t get you to your goal!  Even on “simple” exercises like this, form is everything.  Get my point?

Try 8 reps of each to get started.


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