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-Try Farmer’s Walks With A Unilateral Load!-

A while back, I wrote about Farmer’s/Rack/Overhead Walks.  You can access this post HERE.

I wanted to expand on the topic!

Why not try doing any and/or all three of these with the weight in one hand?  This is called unilateral loading.  This is obviously not something new, but I felt it was worth writing about!

Why should you perform these movements with only one side loaded?  Think about it.  If you have a seesaw with an object of equal weight placed on either end, there’s balance.  You take one of those weights away, and the seesaw is obviously going to be tipped.  If you clean two kettlebells and simply stand there with them in rack position, you should feel pretty balanced.  If you clean one kettlebell, leaving the other side free, you’ll definitely notice a difference.  The body must do a tremendous amount of work to try and stabilize because the weight is offset.  Now, add the element of ambulation, and voila!  Each time you take a step, the body is challenged in all three planes of human movement!  More great stimulus!

This, my friends, is good stuff!

So, give ’em a try.  Give Farmer’s Walks a go with a dumbbell in one hand, try walks with a kettlebell in rack position, and also give the Overhead Walk a shot with a single arm.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


One response

  1. DDRdiva

    LOL, I do unilateral farmers walks whenever I do kettlebells in the park – lugging that thing from my car to the park and back! I use one hand on the way down and the other hand on the way back.

    Another park I go to has soccer fields, and parents were complaining that the parking lot is too far away from the fields. So now they want to block the narrow entrance road with their SUVs and vans. IMHO, if their kids can’t lug their stuff 200 yards or so from the lot to the fields and back, they shouldn’t even be on the team!

    January 11, 2009 at 10:54 am

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