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-Back At Work!-

So I came home from Texas earlier than anticipated…sue me, I missed work! 🙂  It felt so good to train clients today.  I really unleashed the fury on my lucky 2:15 client, who got to play with the 50′ rope for the second time.  This time, we layed the sucker out in the hallway of her condo.  I anchored it with my 16kilo and 12kilo kettlebells and kept my hands on them as she did numerous sets of alternating, double, and in and out waves.  I was ticked pink to hear her say that the 10 hour car ride she and her family took to Orlando for Christmas wasn’t a problem at all for her low back!  Yay!  Progress!  Her mobility was significantly better today than it’s been in a while.  I had her do a warm-up circuit consisting of wave squats, pec/shoulder stretches, elbow to instep lunges, and wall squats.  Then I had her do several different rounds involving kettlebells and the ropes, and all was good!  It kicked her butt!

I will be attempting AOS Santa Monica tomorrow afternoon, and i’m really excited because it’s gonna kick my butt!  I’m really happy I bit the bullet and got a rope.  Just playing around with it the other day in the park was a killer, and so far it’s been a success with the one client to whom  i’ve introduced it!  The others don’t know what’s in store yet! 🙂

One of my clients got a speed chute for Christmas, and that also makes me happy!  I know, I know…i’m weird!

If you’re a subscriber, thanks for your support!  If you haven’t subscribed, do so!  I will be adding more to the “Subscriber Specials” page for January!  Look forward to some great stuff!

Also, if you haven’t checked out my vids on YouTube, do so as well!  I have been getting some hits, and to be quite honest, I haven’t been trying to get ’em…but, people are liking what i’m posting!  I’ll be keeping this up!

I’m eager to start the new year and get more people on track!  What are you wanting to do in 2009?

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