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I hope all of you have been enjoying the holidays and are spending time with family and friends!  I wanted to take a quick second to share my thoughts.  There’s a lot going on around this time of year, as we all know, and it can be hard to stay on track with one’s fitness program.  Don’t stress out too much if this is happening to you!  I’m on vacation and have been enjoying myself.  I am not worried about the fact that i’ve only worked out once since I got to Dallas.  I pulled out my kettlebells and rope and showed my relatives a few things the other day in the park behind my aunt and uncle’s house!  I plan on fitting in a few more workouts before I go home on January 3.  I plan on returning to Baton Rouge ready to tackle the new year!  I’m one of those crazy people who misses work, lol…so, i’m doing my best to manage right now.  🙂  Anyhow, take advantage of this time – do some planning for 2009.  What do you want to accomplish this next year?  What goals have you set for yourself?  What lessons can you take from 2008? 

On another note, what would you like to see from me?  What do you feel I could do to improve this blog?  Are you interested in training with me?  If so, send me an email at  I am anticipating a busy January but still have room on my schedule for a few new clients!  Give me a holler!

Yours in Health,



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