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-Are You Well-Equipped?-

People enlist the help of Personal Trainers because they simply lack the “tools” to get the job done.  They may have a handful of nails and a pile of wood, but lack a hammer to make them useful.  

A successful Fitness Professional has the innate ability to sense what “tools” a client lacks, and help them put together a more well-rounded “toolbox”.  So, say those nails and pieces of wood are a bunch of different exercises.  The client knows how to do a variety of great exercises but simply lacks the ability to put them together into an effective routine.  In steps the “mechanic” (aka the trainer), who arranges those nails, shows the client how to use the hammer, and then hands it over for them to drive the nails, resulting in a  table.

You see, it’s not that someone doesn’t want to get healthier or improve their conditioning.  We all want to make ourselves, better, right?  The problem is that many people simply do not know what tools to use in order to make this happen, and furthermore, many lack the right ones!

To get from having a handful of nails and a pile of wood, to having a sturdy table, you’ve gotta have a plan.  You can’t aimlessly hammer in one nail after another without following a blueprint.  If you did, you’d end up with something that looks like this:

So, that pile of nails and wood isn’t much unlike someone who is wanting to get in better shape, yet isn’t quite sure how to get their on their own.  What’s missing are a few tools and a blueprint for their success!  This is not that different from the reason why working with a qualified Personal Trainer is so vital to your success.  Those tools and that plan of action are a guarantee that you’ll get results IF you’ve linked up with the right trainer for the job!

It may be a bit of a stretch, but I just HAD to post this video of my dog, Biskit.  Here he is, expertly demonstrating his “plan of attack” for handling a plastic squeaky toy.  He has a process:  tear off the end of the toy bit by bit, spitting out the bits as you go along, eventually resulting in a toy that doesn’t squeak anymore, and thus no more interest in said toy!  

PS – He doesn’t really listen to Madonna… 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!


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