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-Snow Day Workout – A BIG Bonus for Subscribers!-

Hey gang!

If you read my “Snow Day” post below, you know that today’s been one of those funky days.  Not the most eventful one for me, because the weather limited things, but a productive one to say the least.  There’s been a lot going on!  Great news is that I put together an awesome workout, which I can’t wait to share with my subscribers!  I’m going to add it to the “subscriber specials” for this month, which I promise will be made available next week.  I need to get pictures/videos completed, which is kinda tricky when you aren’t based out of a gym.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not an advanced exerciser – you’re gonna love this workout!  Also, if you’re a trainer, you’re gonna love it because i’m giving you the rationale behind the exercises I chose, and you may pick up an idea here and there! 🙂

Here is the beginning of the write-up:

For this workout, I basically chose four modalities (kettlebell, bodyweight, stability ball, and superband) and selected two exercises for each.  Why did I do this?  Several reasons.  Today was a snow day, and I started getting that “cabin fever” feeling and needed to work out.  I have really been focusing on kettlebell training for my own workouts these days, and I felt the need to “branch out” a bit and throw some different stuff into the mix.  I’m not one to randomly put exercises together, as I feel each must have a purpose and place in a workout.  I’m also not one to waste training time, therefore I decided to take four modalities and pick two “more bang for your buck” exercises for each.  I grouped four exercises together to create what I call a “revolution,” which is my fancy term for a circuit. 🙂  Each modality has it’s specified place in the order of exercises for each revolution.  Why is this?  Each exercise has an application (power, strength, or stabilization), although none of the exercises could be considered “pure” in this regard.  Each one has some crossover, which I believe makes them more effective (hence my term “more bang for your buck”).  Each revolution starts with a power-based exercise, moves to a strength exercise, and then tapers down to exercises that demand more stabilization.  

I’m excited!  I managed to turn a rather hum-drum day into a very productive one, and I came up with some great “stuff” that I can’t wait to share with y’all!


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