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-Workout Recap!-

As y’all have gathered, I am a BIG fan of the Art Of Strength workouts and incorporate them into my own training.

I kicked my week of training off on Sunday by smokin’ myself with rounds 1-5 of Newport, one of the killer AOS DVD’s.  There are 10 rounds in the actual workout, includind a 5 min snatch test @ the end.  For this workout, “my” rounds 1-5 were plenty for me!  I finished in just under 30 minutes.  Here’s what I did:


  1. Cossack Squats/Squat Thrust + Snatch/Rest 30 x 3
  2. Squats/Overhead Presses/Rest 30 x 2
  3. Swings/Hot Potato/Rest 30 x 3
  4. Punch Matrix/Plank/Rest 30 x 3
  5. Side Snatch/Overhead Lunge/Rest 30 x 2


Okay, today I downloaded the AOSX Workout “Upper Cross.”  I bought it specifically with one of my clients in mind.  It’s a solid, well-rounded program and I feel anyone could benefit from it.  I decided to go through the workout myself to get a feel for it.  I warmed up with some SMR on my foam roller and did some dowel “halos” to loosen up my shoulders.  I did three rounds of the 2nd workout (there are three included in the download; I modified workout 2 slightly), which took 28 min.  I rested 30 seconds between exercises and after completing a pass through the entire circuit.  Once I was finished with the three rounds, I did some overhead and rack walks.  Here’s the rundown:

  1. Farmer’s Walk with 12k in each hand for roughly 20 yards
  2. Double Release Swing with 12k
  3. TGU with 12k
  4. Figure 8 to a Hold with 8k
  5. Renegade Row with 12 lb DB’s
  6. Heavy Dead Cleans with 16k
  7. High Pull with 12k

I added 20 yards of overhead walks with 15 lb DB’s, rested 30 sec, then did 20 yards of rack walks with 12k’s, rested 30 sec, and repeated that for a total of 3 rounds.  This took me 10 min!  Then I felt like doing some Inchworms to loosen up a bit.  Done!

  • Side Note:  I took my client through pretty much this same workout on Tuesday and she did really well with it!  I had her do Sumo Deadlifts instead of the Swings and Half Get-Ups instead of full TGU’s because she’s working around a shoulder issue.  

Tuesday 12/2/2008

I did a smorgasbord of dynamic flow drills for today’s workout.  I did some SMR for 5 minutes, then got to work!  Here’s the scoop:

  1. 12k: Swings x 10/C&P x 5 ea/Squat x 5 ea/Snatch x 5 ea/Rest 1 min x 2 rounds
  2. 12k: Do all on right side, then switch to left, then rest!: 1-Arm Swings x 10/Snatch x 1/Windmill x 1/TGU x 1/Rest 1 min x 2 rounds
  3. 12k: Do all on right side, then switch to left, then rest!: 1-Arm Swings x 3/Snatch x 3/Overhead Squat x 3/Rest 1 min x 2 rounds
  4. 8k: Squat Thrust + Snatch (Alt) x 6/Squat Thrust + C&P (Alt) x 6/Rest 1 min x 2 rounds
  5. 8k: Do all on right side, then switch to left, then rest!: Squat & Kick x 5/Reverse Lunge to Press x 5/Figure 8 to a Hold x 20/Rest 1 min x 2
  6. 1-Arm Swing x 30 sec ea side/Jump Squats 30 sec/Halos 30 sec ea side x 1 

It took me just over 34 minutes to complete the drills!  Had fun and there wasn’t any monotony!

Thursday 12/4/2008

Today’s workout started out with almost 7 minutes of SMR.  My left leg is always “funkier” than my right, and today was no exception.  I have a knot in my left quad as well as one in my left calf!  My IT band isn’t happy with me either, so it wasn’t the most pleasant time rolling out these areas BUT I felt some relief from it.  It doesn’t take a lot of work to get benefit from the foam roller!

My warmup was composed of:  Farmer’s Walk with 12k’s for 20 yards, TGU to Windmill to Overhead Walk for 10 yards with 12k, 20 Swings, then 30 sec rest.  I did this 2x through for a total of 8:20.

Workout was Clean & Press Ladders with 1-Arm Rows with 12k.  I did three rounds, which took roughly 2:15 each (not including 1 min rest).  It went like this:

  1. C&P left x 1
  2. 1-Arm Row left x 1
  3. C&P right x 1
  4. 1-Arm Row right x 1
  5. C&P left x 2
  6. 1-Arm Row left x 2
  7. C&P right x 2
  8. 1-Arm Row right x 2
  9. C&P left x 3
  10. 1-Arm Row left x 3
  11. C&P right x 3
  12. 1-Arm Row right x 3
  13. Rest 1 min

Then I felt like doing snatches with 12k, so I did a 5 min snatch test.  I did 10 reps left, 10 reps right, then rested 1 min.  I got through this twice and then had 45 seconds left, so I alternated snatches left and right.  Total of 26 snatches left/25 right.  I rested 30 seconds after this and wanted to do windmills to loosen up a bit.  I grabbed my 8k and did 5 windmills ea side with my hand behind my back.  I rested 30 sec after doing both sides, and did 3 rounds of this.  Once I was done with the windmills, I played around with a movement I got from Steve Cotter called the Side Lever.  You basically start with arms overhead and the KB resting against the backs of your hands.  You are holding it with the index and middle fingers of both hands, so it kinda rests on the backsides of your hands.  If you’re looking for something that works on scapular stability as well as isometric strength of the trunk, give this one a try.  All you do is take a small step to face the right, then bring the kettlebell from overhead to shoulder/chest level as you exhale.  Inhale as your raise it back overhead and return to facing forward, then hit the other side.  I used my 8k and knocked out 5 reps each side on the first try, rested 30 sec, and then was fried so I only did 3 on each side for the 2nd set.  Done!  Total workout time was 33 min (not including foam rolling)!


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